How Great Thou Art

by adustyframe ~ August 31st, 2011

I’ve been feeling weary lately. My weary isn’t so much body tired, but just “trial tired”. The other day I began singing “How Great Thou Art” and remembered this story and hope it encourages you–just like remembering it encouraged me!

I attended college in the northern US. I’ve mentioned my college days before and I know a few people who are familiar with Bible colleges know where I went.

(A great place by the way!!)

I wasn’t active in a lot of extracurricular activities. I always had a full credit load and had to keep my grades up to retain my scholarship. However, I did work on the drama on the makeup crew.

The last night of the play, we were staying late cleaning up. We were all so tired and ready to go to bed. I don’t particularly remember that we had bad attitudes–just weary bodies. It was nearly 11 pm and we still had work to do.

Someone ran into the building hollering, “The lights are out.”

We dropped everything and stepped outside into the cold night.

Above us a beautiful light show twinkled in the dark sky. We all stood in awe watching the green lights grow and fade.

Red lights began growing above us. The green lights began dancing in a circle while the red lights moved in the background and white lights moved around.

It was spectacular and spectacular doesn’t begin to describe the show God treated us to that evening. If I remember correctly this was the only time I ever saw red in the northern lights.

We saw the aurora borealis now and then up there. I think at least once or twice a winter. Each time someone would run through the dorm or building alerting us and we’d all pile outside and watch. Often it was a small or quick sighting but always amazing.

The night of the play however was a massive long lasting show. I didn’t grab my coat and I was freezing but I refused to miss a second of the marvelous display.

We stood quietly, a group of 20 or so young adults freezing and ready for bed. As the lights danced for us, someone quietly began to sing, “How Great Thou Art”.

We all joined in quietly breathing this song with each other. I had chills. Not from the cold but from the chance to see God’s greatness in action.

We sang all the verses growing louder and more awed as the lights continued to twinkle and dance.

When we finished someone prayed out loud praising God for His amazing handiwork. The lights faded and we tiptoed back inside soaking up the very last moments of the lights and reveling  in the beautiful lights and the wonderful worship we just experienced.

The pause in our work lasted nearly 45 minutes but you’d never know we were the same tired people from nearly an hour before. We finished up our jobs chatting all the while about the awesome display we’d just watched.

God is amazing and His handiwork is awesome. The same God who paints the lights in the sky knows all about me and the things I face–and the things you face too.

When you’re mired in a trial and you’re weary, remember how great He is and take time to worship.

Check out some photos.

How Great Thou Art~listen (why can’t I embed videos?!)


Psalm 19:1 The heavens declare the glory of God and the firmament shews his handiwork.



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  1. Pam

    What a great story snd a fabulous memory for you !
    Thanks for sharing

  2. Barbara H.

    We don’t usually think that one way the Lord “renews our strength” (Isa. 40:31) is by worship. Thanks for sharing, Lizzie!

  3. Jennifer

    That is a beautiful song and story. Interesting how the unplanned things like that can turn into special memories.

  4. Ashley

    I love that song!

    One thing I loved about going to a Christian college was having things like that – impromptu collective worshipping of God. We all served the same God, and we didn’t have to know each other to join in praise and adoration. 🙂

  5. Far Above Rubies

    Beautiful, Lizzie. One of my favorite hymns is How Great Thou Art. It is so good to worship when one is weary – it fills your spirit and body with strength.

  6. Janet

    This brings tears to my eyes…oh, what an awesome thing to witness and be a part of!

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