Job Update

by adustyframe ~ September 5th, 2011

Lee’s job at the farm started out with a HUGE bang–tons of hours and he loved driving a tractor.

The 2nd week, Lee turned into a wrong farm with a semi and the owner was furious. There was no damage but Lee’s boss had to go out to the farm and deal with it. Suddenly Lee had no hours. The past 2 weeks he’s worked very little. Very very little!

Last week he worked about 12 hours. Sigh!!!! One of Lee’s co-workers told him that when they mess up the boss “punishes” them by taking away hours. Well at least we had an explanation but it doesn’t help the paycheck! The other punishment was a loss of $1 an hour “bonus” for the wrong turn–this pay period covered the week he worked 70 hours so it ended up being a sizable loss.

Today, he went to work at 6 a.m. so hopefully the boss is done punishing him?

Lee is talking with a trucking owner/operator. This man owns 3 semis and has a trucking operation that travels the US. It seems that he will hire Lee. His runs are 2-3 weeks at a time which we wouldn’t enjoy but we do have a little practice at existing apart from one another.

This man and Lee haven’t quite gotten to the whole criminal background stuff. Lee is super worried and I’m sad because he’s so excited and usually that’s the time when people decide to hire someone else or “go in a different direction”.

So this whole rambling post is basically to ask you to pray that either the farm job will continue to provide hours or that this trucking job can come through for Lee or that God will help us trust while we wait for whatever it is He has for us.


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  1. Lona

    Praying for a good, steady job with a reasonable boss.

  2. Sally Martin

    Will be praying for God’s guiding in regard to Lee’s job.

  3. Pam


  4. Janet

    Praying for y’all!

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