From Outside The Frame

by adustyframe ~ September 8th, 2011


I joined Pintrest this week. I usually resist new stuff and then suddenly realize it’s the coolest thing ever! I think it’s a visual outside the frame! A great way to remember bookmarks and see what they are.

You may want to check mine out once in awhile. I’m sure some links I’ll post here and some I’ll only pin there. Maybe you’ll learn a thing or two about me!

Actually why not peek and then come back and tell me if you DID learn anything about me!  I just got started so it will change over time I’m sure.


Funny! A shark watermelon centerpiece

A great reading list. Good ideas no matter what age your children are or where they go to school.

Make a doll house out of drawers–how smart!

Another really smart idea with furniture–make a work bench out of a crib.

Pumpkin lattes at home

A watercolor idea we’ll try for art.



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  1. Sally Martin

    Checked it out, but pretty much knew these things about you. I like the watercolor idea.

    Well, I guess you would know that stuff:) We miss you:(

  2. Laura

    Oh, how I have resisted the siren song of Pinterest! But, okay… (I only just recently realized it’s just “interest” with a p like “pin.” I couldn’t for the life of me figure out what “Pin-te-rest” meant–sounds like a church camp?!)

    I changed blogs… Drop by sometime! And I’ll try to get some more Navy stuff off to James one day soon (if Pinterest doesn’t suck me in!) 🙂

  3. Janet

    Oh, I love your Pinterest! What awesome ideas you have found! I especially love the cereal box trash can for the car. Now why didn’t I think of that?:)

  4. Eunice

    Love Pinterest , was sucked in awhile ago !! I am now following you ! This is my link if you want to check mine out !!
    Hope all is well with each of you !! Looks like you love the color red for one thing , and a love for your family !

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