From Outside The Frame

by adustyframe ~ September 16th, 2011

Friday already? Wow!

I found this in a magazine. I don’t have a Kindle, but it looks like an interesting idea. You can borrow Kindle books.

The link explains it. I didn’t poke around too much because I didn’t feel like it. It looks like a neat program for those into their Kindle. You can do this with the Kindle for PC too.


How To Feed Brains Everyday~great reminders

Skillet granola–I should try this for James. He likes granola now and then.

A list of freezable foods

Cool chalkboard ideas

I have to watch this with James–a video of a chrysalis formation ht to Barbara

An Angel Tree kid–now an inner city pastor (Angel Tree–not too early to start thinking about this wonderful program that gave love to James for Lee.)

This is just a time waster but cool--Silk (an experiment in generative art–from the website)

James tried this today. I bought 3 bars of Ivory for $1.24–totally worth it. He only used one so far and he thinks it’s the best thing ever!


If you found something cool, please do share!


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