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by adustyframe ~ September 19th, 2011


I haven’t post this for a couple weeks. Sometimes I wonder if anyone reads it or if anyone out there has any blessings too?!

It shouldn’t matter though if you decide to share a blessing here! I can still share mine.

Here goes:

1. Lee’s job~although you know I’m not going to get super excited until it becomes a long term job. Since his release from prison the job thing has been quite a mess. But I’m thankful for one at least for now. And he really does enjoy it. It’s going to be another adjustment for us though!

He wants me to be careful about sharing when he’s gone so I’m going to try to watch what I say!

2. He was home to fix the car short after I posted that last week. YEAH! $10 instead of the $200 the man at the shop told me. Praise the Lord! My brother also offered to come up and try to fix it if Lee couldn’t. I love my brother!

3. Speaking of my brother, they came up anyway, and I got to love on the babies. The new baby is 3 weeks old already! He’s so sweet–both of them are.

4. Our school year is going pretty well! Keep praying for us. My biggest goal is that this year will be smoother and more joyful than last year.

5. I’m excited about Women of Faith coming up! I’m praying I will grown and be refreshed!

6. I was given the opportunity to review James’ math curriculum. That is/was a massive blessing to me because I didn’t have the moolah to buy it! (Review will be coming soon!)

God is good!

What about you? Is He good to you too? Why not share a blessing or two with me today?


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  1. Pam

    My blessing are many and simple……spending time with all three
    Of our grandchildren…… Soon to be another precious baby boy.
    No drama…..just regular days doing regular things…..I’m thankful
    For the roof over our heads… husbands job……our family and friends……my mobility……after much sadness earlier this year I will NOT take simple everyday pleasures for granted….Thank You Jesus

  2. Blossom

    What a great post 🙂 It’s so nice to hear how God works in others lives.
    We’ve been blessed with the closing of our house (that was being sold) was on time and the closing for our new house (that we are buying) is going smoothly and right on target.
    We have a pace to stay while we are ‘homeless’. (We are not ‘homeless’ really because we have a place to stay until we get the keys lol)
    I can still homeschool the kids while we are waiting for the closing date.
    Yes! God is good! All the time 🙂

  3. Joy

    ~We had a tough situation at church this week and it was such a blessing to see the Lord work it all out!

  4. MamaHen

    I am glad you share your blessings! So glad things are going well with the job and awesome about the math curr! Sometimes I think I would like to do reviews and then other times I can’t get what I HAVE done!

    I feel blessed this week to have four healthy children. Children who can run and play and make me laugh.

    My pastor has been going through a sermon series on Hosea and wowzy. I can’t even begin to process it all. The fact that the God of the universe would choose to draw me unto Himself…

  5. Jennifer

    Yes, God is good. It is encouraging to read of your blessings. Women of Faith was a blessing to us, too. I hope it is a wonderful experience for you. We signed up for a credit card while there for a free t-shirt, and it has been interesting every time I use it ladies glance at it then back at me and tell me of when they got to go to WOF.

  6. Sally Martin

    God is awesome. Today God showed my husband a doe with two little fawns while he was coming home from work. Then He painted the sky so beautiul this evening. It was like He was using a broad paint brush then all of a sudden just very fine turn it upward in a large curve. He gave me strengh to get our entire house cleaned and vacumed without having to ask my husband to help me finish. Also got all our blankets washed plus our other laundry. These are really big for me as I usually don’t have that kind of strengh. Tomorrow I am going with a friend to Lake Beauty (their church camp). It is senior citizens day. I went last year and it was great; so looking forward to a real blessing again this year.

  7. Mae

    Today, a friend of mine and seven of her children came over to weed our flower beds. They stayed for six hours!! Amazing blessing. It was so far gone, we were just overwhelmed with where to even start. So grateful!

    Also blessed to have good dental coverage, which two of my kidlets will be putting to good use tomorrow.

  8. Kaje

    I too am grateful that my husband has work for the rest of this week. Nothing yet for next week but I’m not losing hope. Thank you for sharing your blessings. xx

  9. Kathy

    My husband and I were blessed with the purchase of our very first home! So many wonderful people blessed us this past week 🙂

  10. Barbara H.

    So glad Lee has work for now and was able to get the car fixed. I try not to share when Jim is gone or when we’re out of town, either, til after we’re back. That’s really neat about the math curriculum!

    A blessing for me: feeling better yesterday after being plagued with a headache off and on over the weekend. It’s back this morning, though. Not incapacitating but making me kind of draggy.

  11. Laura O in AK

    I find that reflecting on blessings helps put everything else in perspective. What a wonderful thing to share them publicly, too.

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