Going To Women Of Faith

by adustyframe ~ September 29th, 2011

I’m heading out bright and early tomorrow (BRIGHT AND EARLY!) My friend from church is going with me and I’m so excited!

I’m really looking forward to what God is going to do in my heart. I feel like He’s up to something big.

Please pray  for these requests:

1. Safety traveling

2. Me to not get one of my famous headaches!

3. James–he feels a little sniffley and if he wakes up ill tomorrow, I will NOT leave him at my sister in law’s house with the babies….so we’ll just have to trust that God will make him perfectly well and let us go to the conference!

4. Spiritual refreshment for myself and my friend too.

I don’t have any posts scheduled–I meant to but I’ve been so busy today. I’ll catch up with you later. Have a lovely weekend.



2 Thoughts Shared to Going To Women Of Faith

  1. Pam

    Have a wonderful Christ centered time

  2. Robin in New Jersey

    How was it?

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