by adustyframe ~ October 6th, 2011

Last night at church, we started the Truth Project.

My sister in law’s mom participated in it last year and just loved it! So, I decided to sign up.

The first session was good. One thing I was touched by  was a video showing an example of faith.

A little boy on the diving board looked afraid to jump. He was walking slowly with his head down. Then the camera moves and you see his mother in the pool treading water with her arms out and a big smile on her face.

He smiled and jumped into her arms.

She caught him and they laughed in the water.

Isn’t that so true of us?
We fear big jumps into unknown pools of experiences and life changes and if we only lift our eyes, we would see God there  with His arms out waiting to catch us.

The speaker on the video said, “Faith isn’t based on our feelings. Faith overcomes our feelings.”


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  1. Susanna

    That is a beautiful illustration

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