Did You See Courageous Yet?

by adustyframe ~ October 10th, 2011

James and I went to see Courageous yesterday. Lee is working–I told him he MUST go see it.

I like all of Sherwood’s movies but I’ll say this one is the best one yet. Really ALL of them are good, but they are figuring out the acting and have nicer cameras now and it really shows.

I started crying in the first scene and cried many times through the movie. There are some really funny parts too!

One thing that I liked in this movie, is that they included a heavy trial for the family to deal with that didn’t resolve happily. That’s a good step for them. I LOVED the other movies but it seemed that everything worked out perfect in the end–which we all know isn’t real life.

Since this movie deals with law enforcement, I should have realized that jail scenes would be included and they were. I cried at the jailhouse visit scene, but the visiting room was TOO clean. All the visiting areas I’ve seen are nasty and run down!

Also when the officer visited the inmate, he said, “I’ll come visit you again.” The inmate said, “Ok.” I think the inmate should have said, “When?” (lol–Lee or my friend’s husbands never just said ok–they wanted an assurance of what day the visit would take place.)

There is a scene where the officer tells his friend’s son that his dad was arrested and the boy crumples into his mother–yes that was a teary scene for me.

I really liked a LOT of things about this movie, but 2 things I really appreciated were–

1. The inmate tells his friend he needs help with his son and the man says, “I’ll be there for him.” The movie emphasized that fathers must be there for their own children but that the need for godly men to mentor fatherless children is huge. One of the characters shares how his father was absent but a man mentored him and it changed his life. YES!

2. In the very last scene, when they are presenting their resolution to the church and calling for men of courage to step up to their God given roles, he says something like this–

“In homes where the dad is absent, mothers are sacrificing and doing their best but God never made them to carry this load.”

I literally had to choke down loud ugly sobs! What a blessing to hear him include single moms in this movie all about dads. It was a touching blessing to hear him admonish the church to help moms like this.

Even though I’m not a single mom anymore, it’s still very fresh and the load was so huge. It will be a long time before I don’t cry at an acknowledgment  such as that one.

Here’s a great article from the NY Times about making the movie–it opened as the #1 new movie last weekend and ended up #4 on the box office charts last weekend! Love that!

Here’s an old blog post about Facing the Giants and how it impacted me.




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  1. Susanna

    These kind of films never get shown over here 🙁
    MAN! I bet when the DVD comes out you can’t even watch that right? They have to be a certain type not the US type?

  2. Janet

    I just blogged about the movie today. I’ve seen it 3 times! As a single mother, I live with the impact of fatherless children every day. I loved that line in the movie about it being a load we were not meant to carry. Oh, would to God, the church would step up!

  3. Sarah Bailey

    I can’t wait to see it but will have to wait till it comes out on DVD as we can’t do movie tickets for 5 in our city without spending around $100 seriously 🙁 Great post! Over from the Crew.

  4. Blossom

    I have heard about this (from many different sources) and it looks like a good movie. I watched the video for Casting Crowns “Courageous” and that made me want to watch it. I haven’t yet because well, I don’t like to cry…ever. It sounds like this is one that I will have to watch alone.
    Glad you liked it and although it is sad that things do not always end up ‘happily’ it is good to see it portrayed realistically in movies.

  5. Jennifer

    We want to see this. Thanks for sharing about it.

  6. Barb Jones

    I’m almost afraid to see this movie… for reasons similar to the reason it impacted you so much. We have similar situations, but you have a lot more courage than I do. I enjoy your blog!

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