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by adustyframe ~ October 21st, 2011

10 reasons to avoid processed food

A bunch of pumpkin recipes

A great reminder to make sure you let a hurting friend know you care

A cake that looks like pancakes

A pretty (easy) lace scarf to make–I want to try this!

Pinterest report:

This week, I tried this bracelet.

I added a board with stuff from when I was a kid–did you grow up in the 70’s 80’s? See if anything makes you smile on this page!

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  1. Janet

    Lizzie, your link for Pinterest is messed up, but I figured it out and got there. Oh, the memories!! The Lip Lickers, the water games, the paper lucky number game, the Lifesaver books that I STILL hate.:) Loved the Waltons and Little House (still do) and still have my first Raggedy Ann and many others. Oh, yes, we LOVED to peel glue off our hands.:)

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