by adustyframe ~ October 21st, 2011

Hey all, I have several reviews and a giveaway to post. I think I’m going to post them all over the weekend to just get them out of the way!

Thanks for bearing with me.

To reward you, I’ll just let you know that I finally have our photos from our photo shoot this summer and I will be posting a few of them soon.

Maybe if you leave me lots of comments, I’ll post them sooner rather than later! (bribery? ….)


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  1. Carolyn

    Yes, yes, yes, please post some soon.

  2. MamaHen

    Sooner please, and who doesn’t love a good giveaway!

  3. Pam

    Photos. PLEEEEEZE……
    Oh and a report on Lee and James trip would the icing on the cake!!!

  4. Lisa

    We actually get to SEE your family? That will be wonderful!! I keep expecting something like on the old “Home Improvement” show–the neighbor you only saw his hat!

    HAHA!:) Well, I have to ask Lee before I post face shots. We took some that are more of the neighbor shots:)!

  5. Carol

    Sooner, pretty please! : )

  6. Susanna

    comments, comments and more comments 🙂 And I lol at your above post where you said we would probably run if we saw your faces!!!

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