Shutterfly Photo Christmas Cards~Review & Giveaway~CLOSED

by adustyframe ~ October 21st, 2011

Last year, I was blessed to participate in Shutterfly’s Christmas Card blogging program.

I wrote about it here. It was SO special for us to have a Christmas card photo with all 3 of us in the photo!

I was able to choose a really lovely card and it was a precious thing to be able to mail them out last year.

This year, I didn’t even hear a buzz online or anything and Shutterfly contacted me! Woo hoo!

Shutterfly offers a new collection of photos for you to choose from. Honestly, last year, I had a HARD time. I really liked a lot of them. We do choose to mail a card that says, “Merry Christmas” so that limited a few of our choices, but Shutterfly offered those too!

They offer holiday cards, personalized address labels, regular photo greeting cards, and Christmas photo cards.

Last year, I was very pleased with the quality of the card as well. Sometimes I worry a little if the card will be well made and high quality, but the cards we received from Shutterfly last year were wonderful!

I have NO CLUE which card we will pick this year. I went through the page of Christmas cards and saw 929 choices! OH MY WORD! I found about 900 that I love! (lol).

I like several with their religious theme.

I like that their search bar lets you narrow it down by style or theme or size–that should help!

If you are a blogger, Shutterfly asked me to ask you to sign up for a chance to win 25 cards for yourself with their blog program. Here’s the link–fill it out and they will let you know if they chose you.

Here’s the fun part~Shutterfly sent me codes to giveaway 25 free photo cards to THREE of you!!!!

Here’s how to enter:

1. Follow me on Google Friend Connect~Mandatory~leave a comment here telling me that you did (or already do).

For extra entries:

1. Tweet or share this giveaway on Facebook and leave a comment here–one tweet or status update per day.

2. Go to Shutterfly’s site and tell me if you found about 900 that you love? Leave a comment telling which one you’d pick if you win.

3. Share your best tip for taking family photos OR share a link with a cool family photo idea~leave a comment on this post.

Giveaway ends Saturday Oct. 29 at midnight Pacific.

**Disclaimer, I received a code from Shutterfly for 50 free photo cards and free shipping for sharing their Christmas cards with you. All opinions are my own and I am under no obligation to give a favorable review.


58 Thoughts Shared to Shutterfly Photo Christmas Cards~Review & Giveaway~CLOSED

  1. Jennifer

    I like so many of these. I might choose Deck Your Walls.

  2. MamaHen

    I follow you on GFC. Please enter me!

  3. MamaHen

    Well, now that would be very hard to choose! I do the like Brown Flurry Snowflakes one though.

  4. lisa

    I’m a new follower.

  5. Laura Lane

    I follow you gfc.
    blogging withmomma

  6. lori quesinberry

    i follow on google connect

  7. lori quesinberry

    if i win i’m going to get the star of david hanukkah cards.

  8. Janet

    I am now a Google Follower and would love to be entered. Thanks!

  9. Jennifer

    I follow you on Google Friend Connect as Jennifer.

  10. Jennifer

    I tweeted:!/MommieJennM/status/127954678657986560 MommieJennM

  11. Jennifer

    One family photo tip- Take a picture of the sign where you go, as a reminder if it is a while before you use the pictures.

  12. lori quesinberry

    my best tip is to use the fall colors but not to over crowd the pic with back groud clutter. simple back grounds for us seem to work best. like the side of a red barn..

  13. lori quesinberry

    i posted a link to the give away on my face book.. lori virginia

  14. Alana

    I love Shutterfly! I follow you!

  15. Alana

    I spent literally hours going over all their cards last night, and there are so many I like! I like the simple ones that just say Merry Christmas with a large photo, and the Top Ten Moments one is really cool too!

  16. Alana

    My best tip for family photos is to wear layers! It makes your outfits look so much more interesting and multi-dimensional.

  17. lori quesinberry

    tweeted today!/loriques/status/128258678234161153

  18. Barb Jones

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  19. nichole

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  20. nichole

    tweeted it! dont know how to post the link though, so check my twitter feed!/thegoodlife07

  21. nichole

    LOVE this christmas card from shutterfly!!!

  22. nichole

    my tip for family photos – wear neutral colors, nothing crazy, and not a lot of pattern! here is a sweet family picture where the colors are neutral, and though there is some pattern, it works because it all goes together!

    good luck!

  23. Terri

    I am following you on GFC!

  24. April G

    New GFC follower – April G

  25. April G

    I looked at all their cards and I’m a big fan of the “Love Peace Cheer” design. 🙂

  26. April G

    My best tip for family photos is to wear similar colors in very solid colors or very subtle patterns. This year (yes, I know, we already took our photos in the yard this week while the trees were pretty and it was sunny!) my husband and I wore our brown jackets and the kids were in shades of blue and red. It came out very nice!

  27. lori quesinberry


  28. SamanthaD

    I’m a follower via GFC


  29. SamanthaD

    I like the “Very Merry Greeting” card!

    What a great giveaway! My Christmas card list is small enough that 25 would probably be just enough! I’ve always wanted to do photo cards!


  30. SamanthaD

    We just took our family pictures at a local park – but tips with kids – let them be themseleves!!! Those are the best pictures!

    (Even if they’re not “perfect”)


  31. Niki

    Joined Google Friend Connect.

  32. Niki

    I love any of the Christmas cards that actually say “Merry Christmas” on them. I am all about keeping the saying around!

  33. Niki

    For making a family photo, I like to have each individual dress as they normally would. The days of everyone wearing jeans and white shirt are over! Embrace the patterns and individuality.

  34. Lisa McClanahan

    I am already a follower.

  35. Allie

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  36. Allie

    I love the Merry Little Jingle card and I would order that if I won!!

  37. Allie

    A tip for good family photos for us is to take them WAY BEFORE nap time so our 2 year old doesn’t have a melt down!!

  38. Amanda

    I follow on GFC.

  39. Amanda

    If I won, I would pick the Good Blessings Christmas card.

  40. Amanda

    My tip for taking a good family photo is to accept that the picture may not be perfect and just have fun. We have four young kids, so just getting a photo where everyone looks at the camera and no one is crying is an accomplishment 🙂

  41. Amanda

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  42. lori quesinberry

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  43. Athena

    Already a follower on GFC!

  44. Athena

    I liked lots of them-Merry Montage was a good one!

  45. Athena

    Family photo tip-I think its cute to take one relaxed with the kids in Christmas jammies laying under the tree!

  46. lori quesinberry

    i tweet tweeded.. 🙂!/loriques/status/129552366776221698

  47. Laura Lane

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  48. April

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  49. lori quesinberry

    tweeted today 🙂!/loriques/status/129961717009616896

  50. lori quesinberry

    last day i can tweet.. thank you so much for hosting this giveaway. i’m keeping my fingers crossed..!/loriques/status/130165138249621505

  51. Leisha Shepperd

    I follow your blog!

  52. Leisha Shepperd

    My only family pic tip is to take the pictures quickly!! My “family” is only my husband and dog, but if we take a long time, the chances of getting the “perfect” picture decrease drastically! 😉

  53. Leisha Shepperd

    I tweeted about the giveaway!!/leishashepperd/status/130410703088660480

  54. Leisha Shepperd

    My favorite card (sooo hard to choose!) is probably the crazy happy wishes Christmas card.

  55. lori quesinberry

    🙂 i came back to tweet and forgot it all ended one hour and two min ago.. LOL but i already put in my last tweet. LOL i’m so dingey.. thank you so much for hosting this give away.. HUGS lori

  56. Julieanne Miller

    I tried to look at the cards to choose a favorite, but the individual cards weren’t available to view for some reason. I’ve had Shutterfly cards in the past, and am hoping that I might be able to win some this time because we probably won’t be able to buy any this year. Thank you for hosting this giveaway!


  57. Julieanne Miller

    I’m following you on Google Friend Connect!


  58. Julieanne Miller

    My best tip for taking family photos is to choose a cloudy day to take the pictures, especially if they are outdoors. The colors will be more natural.


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