Works of God~Blessings

by adustyframe ~ October 24th, 2011

I haven’t posted this in awhile so here goes.

1. Lee and James are having a good time. James calls me every now and then to tell me what he’s seeing.

This was a cute one, “Mom! Did you know you have to pay people to drive on their roads?!” They went to a tiny church in the deep South yesterday. He loved their accents.

2. I am having a good time. Honestly, I NEEDED this. Even though I didn’t want him to go and I AM ready for them to come home, I needed a break.

Lee told me this summer that I could go to a hotel for a couple nights and plan school and take time to read my Bible and just rest. I was SO EXCITED, but then he was laid off and we just didn’t need to spend the money.

So this is sort of my get away too! Although, it’s quite the bummer that our tub isn’t a bubble bath kind of tub–boo hoo! I could use a good soak.

Anyway, I’ve been scrapbooking, knitting, reading, resting, putzing around, getting little projects done that I just never get to. I’m also watching movies that the boys wouldn’t be caught dead watching. I think Anne of Green Gables is on the agenda soon.

They should be home in the next few days–Thursday maybe? Lee has to wait for a load to bring back up here and today he has to take a restart–34 (?) hours off because he’s at his miles limit for the past 7 days. I’m not sure how all that works!

3. Pleasant Autumn weather–I don’t feel that our leaves were beautiful this year but the weather has been so nice!

4. My chiropractor! I’m on my way to get adjusted. I’ve been hurting a lot this weekend.

What about you? Any thing big or “little” that God is doing  in your life?



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  1. Robin in New Jersey

    I need a few days like that~~quiet, calm, peaceful with no where to go so I can scrapbook, watch a movie, rest, read, etc…

    I was blessed this weekend when my church paid for my 16 year old daughter and I to go on a ladies retreat Friday night and Saturday. It was only an hour away, so we came home and went back the next morning. ( Wish we could have stayed. It would have been more relaxing.) We had a blessed time together with a couple ladies from our church and other ladies we know from other churches in our fellowship.

    While I was gone on Saturday, my husband and my 12 year old did the grocery shopping for me. I do not like grocery shopping, but I have a hard time giving over control of that chore. I like to use a lot of coupons and stick to my list and budget. I let go of it and they did really well.

    Cough syrup…thank goodness for cough syrup and ricola lemon mint throat drops!

    For a Pastor who is willing to humbly admit when he has made a mistake and stands in front of the body and asks for forgiveness and lets us know what measures have been taken so it won’t happen again. (Nothing serious, a misunderstanding.)


  2. Barb Jones

    Anne of Green Gables is my go to movie on the rare occasions that I get a moment to just veg in front of the t.v.

  3. Lisa

    GREAT!!! My cousin’s kids always LOVED going on long-hauls with their Aunt in her truck. Just hard to decide what to take in that one single trash bag of luggage! hahah Probably not a tough call for a boy!

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