by adustyframe ~ October 26th, 2011

James is READY to come home. They are picking up a load in Arkansas and delivering it to Chicago and then heading home.

I think Lee will have to leave again right away, but James is staying. He’s decided that he only wants to go on short trips from now on.

He’s been reading his school books. He told me that he was going to read more in one of them because, “It’s just getting really good.”

Of course you know I LOVED hearing that.

He saw the Arch. He got in the Gulf of Mexico.

He’s eating too much junk. He’s having “man time”.

I’m still having a good time! I’ve been scrapbooking and being lazy. I got a few projects done around here and a little cleaning–not much!

I went to Barnes and Noble one afternoon and drank coffee while reading magazines. That was a treat!

I thought I’d spend one whole day and work on my eBay stuff, but I actually did not! I have packages to mail tomorrow though.

I’ve been doing some reading too.

I thought I’d read a ton, or knit a ton, or clean a ton, or rest a ton. I actually didn’t do a ton of anything–just little bits of everything.

So that’s our update.



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  1. Lisa

    Just curious–what’s the great book?

    Here it is– http://www.amazon.com/Place-Like-Holmes-Jason-Lethcoe/dp/B005Q5SJNY/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1319733416&sr=8-1

    I see that the next book is set to come out in Dec. sounds like a Christmas gift if you ask me….

  2. Liza at A Maui Blog

    I like this update. Glad you are having some reading time and such 🙂

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