What I’ve Been Working On

by adustyframe ~ October 27th, 2011

Here are photos of a few of the things I’ve been working on while the boys are gone.


I had this record forever to try this project. It took less than 10 minute to make this bowl. Originally I was going to keep it–notice the RED label? That’s why I bought it–but I decided to give it to my brother with a little gift certificate for Itunes inside. He collects old records so hopefully he can find somewhere to put it!


I finished knitting these two wraps awhile ago, but still needed to block them and sew on the buttons. I got that done–mmm! I learned that mohair (the red one) doesn’t smell particularly lovely when it’s wet!



I knit wire bracelets. I wanted to try knitting wire for a long time. I bought a spool of jewelry wire and ruined the 1st spool. Good thing I had a coupon so it was only $2.

I bought another spool and this one turned out better. It’s hard to get a good photo though. I learned how to bead while knitting too–super easy.

The one thing I learned about wire knitting is that you can’t really make it behave! I really like the way it looks and already got compliments on it.


On Saturday, I pulled the dining table in the living room so I could watch TV and scrap. Man, if I could leave all my scrapping supplies out all the time I’d get a lot more done. I’ve done a little here and there and ended up getting 18 pages done! It was like my own little scrapbook retreat.

Here is one page I made.


I think I wasted a lot of time too!

The boy will be home tomorrow and the husband is leaving right away again.


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The record and wire bracelet were ideas I found on Pinterest.



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  1. Joy

    The yarn that you used for the red wrap, was that from the red sweater you and took apart years ago?

    Loved the record bowl!

    No that’s different yarn:)! You could make that bowl SUPER easy!

  2. Janet

    I love your scrapbooking page! I really need to get my pictures dealt with!!:)

  3. Jenn

    Love the wraps! So delicate and feminine! Will you be knitting any to sell in your etsy shop?

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