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by adustyframe ~ October 28th, 2011

Yarn print making–cool idea

How to make tee shirt yarn–I did this before it’s pretty cool. 1 tip–be sure the tee has no side seams.

I loved this. The Homespun Heart shares how they found a way to bake cookies for prisoners and their families! She said she asked if God loves prisoners. Hmmm what do you think?

Make your own canvas portrait

Recipes for healthier Halloween treats

Free download from Becky Higgins to make a personal school year book

Inexpensive homemade gifts

Great ideas here–14 Steps to Cut Out Processed Food (take what you can use–one of her points says to skip stevia! HA!)

Let me know if you read any good posts this week~or if you posted a round up of links!



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  1. Lisa

    Check your FACEBOOK please Lizzie.
    I LOVE the t-shirt yarn!!!

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