Works of God~Share A Blessing

by adustyframe ~ October 31st, 2011

Any blessings in your life?

Mine is that my child got home safely and had a pretty nice time. He’s ready to be home though!

I haven’t been feeling the best, but I’m thankful that I’m at least able to get around and do most of my stuff (neck bothering me a lot).

What about you?



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  1. Joy

    ~Very thankful for the help I received from a friend this past weekend. Was able to get my office and bedroom switched around. Loving the new look 🙂
    ~Thankful that the Lord doesn’t fail me even though I fail on a daily basis.
    ~Thankful for the clear weather the Lord gave me each day this month when I walked to and from the subway.
    ~Thankful for phone and skype to talk to family back home in the US. Love talking to my niece and nephew while they get ready for school in the morning and my day is winding down here in Japan 🙂

  2. Pam

    My father died on Easter Sunday after a very brief illness…..we have had his home on the market since early June…….we close on it tomorrow……a huge blessing given the state of the market……I am thankful not to have to deal with lawn care and snow removal with winter right around the corner.

    Thank you Jesus

  3. Sally Martin

    I am Loved by God.
    God has given me a wonderful loving husband.
    I was able to get a cortisone shot which for now has relieved much pain.
    That Lee, Lizzie, & James are our friends.
    That God provides each of our needs.
    That our daughter was able to transfer with the bank she worked for in VA to another of the same banks in NJ and keep all her benefits and start at same wage and full time hours.
    That God’s mercies are new each day.

  4. Robin in New Jersey

    I am thankful that our power was only out for 13 hours and we have power now after the freak snowstorm that dropped a foot on us on Saturday. Many in this area have no power still today, including our church and our Pastor.

  5. Catherine

    I was reminded this week how special my church family is to me – I am so blessed to have found this group of people who are now part of my life!

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