When I Am Afraid

by adustyframe ~ November 1st, 2011

When Lee and James were gone, we chatted on the phone a lot.

One night, they said they’d call me when Lee parked the truck for the evening. That was about 6:30 p.m. I continued working on projects and watching TV.

Around 10:00, I realized they never called.

I picked up the phone and called–no answer.

I repeated this over the next 2 hours.

This is what I did at my table–

“Ok–maybe they turned the phone off?”

“Hmmmm….. why aren’t they answering?”

“They are dead on the side of the road.”

“Oh no, I’m scrapbooking photos of them and they are laying dead on the side of the road.”

(I am not exaggerating…)

Finally with fear gripping my entire body, I said, “Lord, I am supposed to trust you. I am not supposed to be afraid.”

I began to quote Psalm 56:3 What time I am afraid, I will trust in thee.

I even told the Lord I KNEW I was being ridiculous, but I said, “I’m afraid anyway. Please help me to trust.”

Fear can grab hold of you many times and the best place to turn is to the Lord.

Finally around midnight, I prayed, “Lord please help them pick up the phone.”

Shortly after that, Lee called. “Why do you keep calling? We’re trying to sleep.”

He said they went to bed around 9:00 and I kept waking them up. James was the one who said they’d call before bed and he didn’t tell Lee and they were just tired and crashed.

What a relief!

I’m thankful that God loves me and cares about my fears whether or not they are “real”.


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  1. Pam

    Thanks for “keeping it REAL”….. I have done the same thing….literally making myself physically sick over something that
    Never happened …..I repeat Jeramiah 29:11…

  2. Catherine

    I have that same “dead on the side of the road” reaction when I can’t get a hold of a loved one. Thank you for sharing this with us – I will write down that Psalm in my cell phone so that I have it with me to pray when someone isn’t answering their phone and I have left 12 messages!!!

  3. Ame

    my first husband travelled extensively, and it took me years to work thru the being alone and afraid and fears and thoughts and what-if’s and phone calls that didn’t happen at the right time (before cell phones). it’s a bit shocking how extensive our imaginations become when soaked in fear, or at least mine.

    i finally was able to push all that to its own corner and place and live in reality and truth … that if something did/does happen, i will be notified. if i’m not notified, then everything’s okay. and i can’t do anything beneficial by worrying. truly a very hard place to come to. i actually got so good at it, after many years, that once his mother called to ask if he made it to his destination okay. i told her, “well, i haven’t heard of any plane crashes on the news, so i’m sure he’s okay.” i don’t think i made her feel better, but she did stop calling me everytime he travelled. 🙂

  4. Lisa

    Thinking of all the years my Grandfather and Dad traveled before cell phones and wonder how my Mom and Grandma coped–guess they were just tough ole’ broads! lol….I know the fear and it IS very real.

    Lizzie guess who’s back home….yep. More when I’ve slept!

  5. Katherine

    I get worried like this, and also have to force myself to have faith in God’s will, good or bad. And then, I always still think, “bad news travels fast”–so no news is good news, right?! 😉

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