From Outside The Frame

by adustyframe ~ November 11th, 2011

Cool sewing room! (I can dream…)

Pretty guide to embroidery stitches–do any of you embroider?

Did I post this before? I don’t even have a camper but it’s so cute!

Make a magnetic snowman

A great printable for your Christmas decor

A great article by Patsy Clairmont —sad to glad.

Today is 11/11/11–for fun why not journal what you did today? Take a photo too! I plan to make a scrapbook page just for the fun of it.

What great links did you find this week?



4 Thoughts Shared to From Outside The Frame

  1. Barbara H.

    Thanks — bookmarked several of these!

  2. Lisa

    WOW! What a camper!

  3. Sally Martin

    I really like the embroidering link. I am relearning and I sometime forget all the difference stitches.

  4. Janet

    I LOVE the sewing room and also the camper! Wow!

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