Our Trip

by adustyframe ~ November 22nd, 2011

We had a very nice time. It was cool that Lee was getting paid while we were vacationing too!

Our first stop was the Creation Museum. I’ve been very pleased with everything I’ve seen and used by Answers in Genesis and the museum was no exception. I had a coupon from the Creation seminar we attended last winter–glad I held onto it!

We spent most of the day there and enjoyed looking around and visiting the petting zoo.

We were also able to visit a Civil War battlefield when we got further into the South. This was something I really wanted James to experience when we studied the Civil War last year so I was so glad we were able to make it work. It was only a few miles off the interstate highway, so it wasn’t even difficult. Of course we couldn’t take the semi in so we didn’t get to see a lot of it.

Then we went to Florida and got to go swimming–in NOVEMBER! It wasn’t even chilly although James and I were the only ones on the beach actually in our swimsuits.

We had fun digging in the sand and looking for shells and getting wet. Lee had to run an errand for work, but then he joined us and he and James body surfed in the waves. I had such a nice time watching their joy and thanking God for time together.

Here’s a sunset over the beach shot I took one night.

On this trip, I also learned which truck stops I prefer–Pilot–they had pumpkin spice coffee–plain coffee not the cappuccino stuff.

I also learned that a shower in a truck stop can be a wonderful thing! I also learned that I do not sleep well in truck stops! They are noisy places.

We tried boiled peanuts (not really our thing….) bought fresh oranges and grapefruit in Florida, and checked out some cool sites.

Overall, we had a very nice time. James even celebrated his birthday in the semi. Admittedly it wasn’t a normal birthday, but he still had fun.


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  1. Barbara H.

    Sounds like a great trip! So glad you got to go. My hubby would love for us to go to the Creation Museum some time.

  2. Janet

    I’m so glad y’all got to go, Lizzie! We LOVE boiled peanuts. In fact, my dad makes them and sells them. I’m so happy for all the joy y’all got to enjoy! Such priceless memories, I’m sure.

  3. Pam

    I just can’t quit thinking about your life when I started reading our blog……your longing for all of you to be together…..reading this makes me smile……Happy Thanksgiving

  4. Lisa

    Sounds wonderful! I’m happy for all 3 of you!! Too bad we couldn’t work it out to meet up–maybe next trip!

    Boiled peanuts taste even better when boiled with sweet potatoes! I ate this for “winter” breakfast in Malawi and still can recall how nice it was on cold mornings. (Yes, it’s cold in the Southern part of Malawi–they grow, coffee and tea there!).

    What no “you-gotta-see-this” toys/geegaws from the truck stops?? My cousin’s sil always finds hilarious stuff! (She also does the trucker post card program with school kids to boost geographical knowledge and interest.)

  5. Courtney

    Sounds like a great trip! I’m from the south and I love boiled peanuts. Maybe it’s an acquired taste?

  6. Robin in New Jersey

    What a blessing! This post is such an answer to prayer! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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