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by adustyframe ~ November 28th, 2011

For the past 3 (I think it’s 3….) someone has donated to Compassion in James’ name so that he can sponsor a child. Sponsoring a child was a long time dream of his and we are so blessed to have someone who helped us so that James could think outside of himself and care about others.

He chose a boy near his own age in Africa. We LOVE getting letters from our child and praying for him. We also love hearing that he prays for us!

As part of James’ Financial Peace Jr, he has to save money to give. He and I were talking about different things he can do to give and he asked about this project.

I must have mentioned it to him in passing when I read about it.

We contacted Compassion and found out how to sponsor a fundraiser for Compassion’s Water of Life program and they sent us a kit so he can show how it works.

We watched a couple of videos online. You can see them too.

This video is on Compassion’s page. James also liked this video.

1. It’s super easy. He set it up on his own.

2. It really did filter out the nasty stuff!

He went out to the garden and got some dirt, threw it in the bucket and added water. You can imagine he thought that was rather cool.

Here are our photos:

**Someone “possibly” got carried away with adding dirt!






We thought that the water tasted faintly like dirt. I think that could be due to the aforementioned getting carried away with making the water dirty! Also, James and I said that perhaps we’re a bit “too American” in our tastes!

Can you imagine having to give your child filthy water?

Here’s what I really like about this filter.

There are no chemicals, moving parts, training or electricity needed to use these clean water filters. Each filter can produce at least 1 million gallons of water – enough for a lifetime’s supply for 60 people.

Compassion also provides training to the families to help them use this filter.

You can see how it works here--it’s been tested by the UN.

James’ goal is to raise enough money to buy 2 systems. I did not pressure him to choose a number because I wanted it to completely be his own project. And $110 sounds like an awful lot for an 11 year old boy, so 2 is the goal. I think it would be fabulous if he raised more, but I’m so thankful he wants to help others!

He personally has $3.50 to start the ball rolling. When he earns more money allocated for giving, he will add it to the project too.

If you’d like to help him raise money for Compassion’s Water of Life you can help him out in two ways.

1. Send a donation in ANY amount to my paypal address and of course please mark it for Compassion. I believe if you check that it’s a gift, paypal won’t charge us any fees to accept the money.

My paypal is adustyframe @ yahoo.com (no spaces)

** I really do mean ANY AMOUNT. If 100 people send  $1.00 he will be almost to his goal!

2. Contribute directly to Compassion in any amount–this page suggests $55.00–the cost of one unit– but you can change the donation amount to anything you want to send.

If you donate directly to Compassion, PLEASE email me or leave a comment here saying how much you donated because Compassion can’t track that it came from you for James’ project.

OH! You could share this link on your social media sites!

Thank you for considering helping James. If you choose to host your own fundraiser, let us know too! I think he’d love to hear about it.



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  1. TransitionGirl

    your boy has such a kind and compassion heart 🙂

  2. Christie

    Wonderful!! Such a sweet boy! Hope he reaches his goal!!

  3. Robin ~ PENSIEVE

    This is the kinda thing that blesses MY heart as James seeks to bless others. Well done, Mama :).

    I’ll be happy to share this with others! AND stumble it so maybe bunches of others will see his initiative! 🙂

  4. Mary

    What a sweetheart.

  5. Shannon Guerra

    WOnderful idea, wonderful boy! I’ll share this on my fanpage. 🙂

  6. Alicia

    What a wonderful project! I will pray that he reaches his goal.

  7. Heather @ Marine Corps Nomads

    I shared on my facebook page. I think it’s absolutely wonderful. 🙂

  8. Becky K.

    What a wonderful little boy you have! I may have to find out more about this project for my girls to do…

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