Lee’s Job~Take 2

by adustyframe ~ December 1st, 2011

I can’t begin to describe the problems at this job.

But wanted to clarify that it’s not Lee dropping a job and being lazy or looking for “pie in the sky”.

While we were gone–YES we know it was really cool we could along and it was a perk of this job–ok we were gone. Lee’s paycheck was deposited. Hmmm…..it was really small.

When he investigated, he discovered that they “forgot” to pay him for 3 loads he delivered and the boss shorted him .02 per mile.

When confronted the boss said, “Oh yeah I’ll fix that.” and we had to wait nearly a week for the money owed Lee. Ever since then the boss has reminded him repeatedly that he really should be getting paid .02 less per mile because he’s a newer driver. Nevermind that the boss is the one who hired Lee at that rate and that Lee didn’t ask for more than was offered or even try to negotiate wages. When he was hired, he took the job at the offered rate and said, “Ok.”

That was a small thing compared to the other things Lee’s been dealing with at this job but it was “the beginning of the end”.

Here are just a couple of the things JUST from this week.

Sunday, “Oh our company doesn’t have insurance. It lapsed. So the 1,000 mile load you were supposed to pick up today is canceled.”(The company wouldn’t allow the freight to be picked up unless their truck was insured.)

Today, “Oh your vehicle registration is expired. So just avoid the scales.” Yes that is what his boss called him and told him to do.

These actually are big problems and they are only a few of them. So, while we now a short term gig really does NOT look good, getting cheated out of pay and being stuck high and dry without things like fuel, insurance, and vehicle registration are big problems.

Just praying that this other job offer comes through.

To answer the question are we saving up money just in case he ends up jobless? We’re not spending money we don’t have,but we’ve been trying to get caught up  and we aren’t there yet. So no there’s not extra money to sock away.

Woo hoo huh? 😉 Please don’t think I’m complaining though. We’re thankful that he did get hired and that he’s gotten some semi experience. We’re also thankful that God always seems to provide. Lee has learned a lot of things already on this job and he truly does love driving the semi.

If this job had one or two little things, he’d probably live with it  but it all seems to be piling up right now and the things I’ve mentioned aren’t even close to all the issues.


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  1. Pam

    I think I mentioned this before Lizzie but my husband actually
    Is a certified DOT instructor…. And these are serious violations.
    His employer should not only not be doing these illegal things but he should not be asking Lee to help “cover”…… For him……there are serious fines involved.
    I’ll continue to pray that her gets a job where he will be compensated properly and appreciated.
    God Bless

    Yes he knows! That’s why he has an issue with the job. Not all the other stuff because he knows no job is perfect.

  2. Judith

    Wow, Lizzie! I just caught up on your blog this afternoon. Hard times, but praise God for a husband who wants to do the right thing! I have a family member who has been unemployed and underemployed the past year and it is T-O-U-G-H. Praying you’ll see God’s new mercies each day no matter what it looks like all around you … and that God will provide for Lee so he can provide for his family. {Hugs}

  3. Lisa

    Remember if he is reimbursed less than the IRS amount, if you can itemize, you can deduct the additional. Example: If the IRS rate is (and I’m not sure what this year’s amount is) $.53 per mile and your employer reimburses you at $.50 you can deduct the 3 cents per mile owed.

    I did not want you to think I was being critical about Lee–no one wants to work for a dishonest company. It’s just so hard to find anything right now, let alone for this poor guy of yours.

    You might want to call the state EEOC office and see what they recommend. You can do so without giving your name. They may have some ideas that could help. You may also want to see if the company is involved in any pending litigation. Contact me via email if this doesn’t make sense.

    I really am praying for you guys. My cousin’s sil was in the same boat as Lee (and same job) for several years. She worked for a lot of bad places to get re-established. It wasn’t fun, but now she has a great job.

    I didn’t think so. I just know without all the details the story probably sounded different. 🙂

  4. Ame

    oh, it’s not good when a boss asks you to do things that are illegal. i don’t know the law here, but he will want to make sure he is not held liable for the choices his boss makes. it would be better for him to quit than to be caught violating the law – even if he’s following his boss’ orders. his boss would likely lie and say he didn’t tell Lee these things, leaving Lee with all the liability. and you certainly do not want any more legal trouble.

    it would be best to report it before he got in the truck again. it just would not be good to violate the law at all.

    i know this is so hard. i have been promised work several times, and it keeps falling through. we’re scraping by, too.

  5. Katrina

    So sorry to hear the job isn’t working out so well. It’s really hard when the boss it telling you to do something illegal. I will keep praying.

  6. Pam

    I didn’t mean to sound critical of Lee or you

    Nope didn’t take it that way 🙂

  7. Janet

    Lizzie, I don’t think you owe anybody an explanation.:) I pray God will give Lee the perfect job for you all. I know He will remember and will honor you all.:)

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