Tellin’ The Truth~Wednesday Edition

by adustyframe ~ December 6th, 2011

This is a photo of  my old favorite skirt and my new exercise/jammy pants. In the interest of full disclosure I’ll tell you that the pants are way smaller than I actually wear in clothing. I don’t know why?

However, they DO fit me without cutting me in 1/2 and so I DO wear them. I also DO smile every time I put them on!

I couldn’t wear that skirt if I tried.

How have things been going?

Well, I decided to take a break on my plan from November through December. I am still eating what is called Phase 3 and is basically low carb–high protein and healthy fats.

I’m doing really well, although I gained when we were on the semi trip and I’m not losing that! (Not that I don’t want to….)

On Thanksgiving, I pre-planned that I would eat stuffing, mashed potatoes, gravy, and my Grandma’s sweet potato casserole. I did not go overboard, but I felt REALLY yucky. I’m not used to eating very many carbs AT ALL!

I’m noticing that it’s a lot easier for me to choose to not eat stuff. Even if it looks good or I want it. I don’t like feeling so yucky! Also, I DO like the benefits of eating this way and my tastes have REALLY changed. I enjoy a lot of things that I would have never enjoyed before.

I can eat things very lightly sweetened–with stevia or xylitol– and enjoy it that way.

I can put food aside as soon as I’m starting to feel full.

I enjoy the choices I’m making and not feeling deprived.

It doesn’t bother me to stay away from things I shouldn’t have.

If I choose to eat a treat, I’m able to stop before I go crazy.

I really am thankful for these changes! So even though I’m not at my goal and I sure wish I was!!!!!–things are good!

I’ve been doing my TTapp but not as faithfully as I should be! My goal is to do it 2 times a week for the rest of December. Will you hold me to it? If I don’t mention it next week ask me!!

The other day, I found a vintage red wool winter coat at the thrift store for a couple dollars. (In case you didn’t know it red is my favorite color!) It was in a size I’ve never worn in my adult life–definitely not a tiny size and yet I’m happy!

I tried it on and it fit AND buttoned! I bought it. I wore it tonight and reminded myself that no food can EVER compete with the feeling of being in control and fitting into smaller sizes!





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  1. Barbara H.

    Great progress!

  2. Sally Martin

    So proud of you!!!
    When I went to my post op for surgery I received a GREAT report. Doc says everything is looking very good. I go back for a last check on Feb. 6. Also when his nurse weighted me I was under the 200 mark. That really was a blessing as I have really been watching my portions and cutting out desserts most of the time.

    Yeah:)!!! Keep resting!

  3. Lisa G

    Please forgive me if you have already answered these questions. I am a long time reader, and don’t remember seeing them specifically addressed I would like to know what it is that you credit with your ability to stop eating when you are full, and your ability to resist your forbidden foods. I know very little about the HCG diet. I have a friend who does it under a doctor’s supervision, but I am guessing that you are not able to afford that route. Do you just buy some HCG pills from Walmart, or something like that? And if so, is that what makes the difference for you? I remember a post you wrote a long time ago, where you said that your willpower on this diet has been no different than it was on other diets. I am just really curious to know what you believe has been the key your success this time around.

  4. Janet

    What an encouragement you are to me with all of your accomplishments! I’m proud of you.:)

  5. Judith

    I *love* reading these reports, esp. about how your tastes have changed and it’s not worth it to eat food that now makes you feel yucky.

    I’m trying to lose weight, and making slow progress. These types of posts and conversations with others help me stick to it, esp. when it seems that all the voices in our culture are about eating junk food (I know they’re not; but it can seem that way). Way to go!

  6. Eliza

    Yeah for you!
    And congratulations on the red coat 😉
    I remember reading a book, years ago (and it was ancient when I got it) about a teenage girl who HAD to have a red coat. I don’t remember if it was by Winifred Wise or not, all I remember is that she HAD to have that red coat.
    I hope you enjoy yours!

  7. Senkyoushi

    I bought a coat yesterday in a new smaller size. It is a good feeling, isn’t it?! Keep up the good work!

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