Works Of God~Share A Blessing

by adustyframe ~ December 12th, 2011


Lee’s job–it seems like a real job! We haven’t gone through a pay-cycle yet, but it’s looking good. They are keeping his truck rolling and hopefully soon I can make a decent budget and plan to clean up some of the past messes!

A friend gave me a bag of pretty clothing that fits.

James’ water project. He has almost enough to buy 3 filters and starting on buying 4. He’s doing some things to earn money locally and so far has lots of business. He’s very excited.

So far no snow/ice! I’m so happy about that even though people are starting to complain that Christmas won’t be white. Personally, I’m thrilled! Every day that I don’t have to drive on winter roads is a good one but I’m really thankful that Lee is driving on dry roads. I’m not looking forward to winter and trucking!

What about you!?


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  1. Barbara H.

    Sounds like a great many blessings!

  2. Janet

    Praise God for all your wonderful blessings!:)

  3. Barb Jones

    I’m enjoying our warm weather here, too. It usually doesn’t snow until January, but it has still been unseasonably warm this winter.

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