Tellin’ The Truth Tuesday

by adustyframe ~ December 13th, 2011

Last week, Lisa asked me this.

“I would like to know what it is that you credit with your ability to stop eating when you are full, and your ability to resist your forbidden foods. I know very little about the HCG diet. I have a friend who does it under a doctor’s supervision, but I am guessing that you are not able to afford that route. Do you just buy some HCG pills from Walmart, or something like that? And if so, is that what makes the difference for you?  I remember a post you wrote a long time ago, where you said that your willpower on this diet has been no different than it was on other diets. I am just really curious to know what you believe has been the key your success this time around.

1. I do this diet on my own with homeopathic drops I purchase at a local health clinic.

2. Why is this time different?

I think when I said that I have the same willpower to be on a diet that I have in the past, I meant that I always follow the rules and stick to the plan when I diet. BUT I also know that when I worked so hard and get 0 to very little results, I felt like quitting and often did.

For example in 2010 when I very 1st started working on losing weight (this time around), I followed Weight Watchers (with materials I already owned). I did NOT cheat. I did Chalene Johnson’s Turbo Jam 3-5x a week.

Over 4 months, I lost 20 lbs. People have said to me, “Well 20 lbs is good.” NO 20 lbs for that much work AND for how much weight I had to lose was not good. So if I stuck with WW, I would have quit long ago and been beathing myself up for quitting AGAIN.

During the last couple of months that I did WW, I started praying that the Lord would please help me to see what I could do differently or if there was another diet I could do that would work better.

My friend was doing the HCG diet and I thought she was nuts. I followed her progress and did a lot of research. I decided to try it for one round. I did pray about it.

I remember sitting at my brother’s house right before I started and saying, “Watch this won’t work either.” My tiny sister in law said, “aw….”

I was starting to think that maybe I was just supposed to be fat. (And there is NO way around it. I was FAT with a capital F and I knew it.)

I started  it and lost weight. It is really strict and the 1st time around it was more psychologically difficult than it was physically difficult.

I learned a lot about the food we eat and call “healthy”. I realized that a LOT of food allowed on WW (low points) has starch and sugars–how does that help us lose weight?

I also realized that WW does not attack your dependency on food or bad eating habits. If you want to eat just because you feel munchy or you want a treat, you can find a way on WW to eat stuff.

The HCG diet attacked my food addiction HEAD ON. I’ve had other friends say the same thing.

I realized how often I wanted to reach for something or just put something in my mouth.

Another thing I like about the HCG plan is that I have to take breaks. I think that’s what makes it “doable” for me. The “strict” phase is about 3 weeks and then I take 6 weeks off and eat Ph 3 which is low (er) carb and high protein/healthy fats.  I can also start to add starches in if I chose but I haven’t done that except for things like Thanksgiving.

One criticism people have of this plan is the quick weight loss. As I stated though, that is a very limited amount of time and then you spend 6 weeks working on maintaining that loss and learning what your body can and cannot handle.

It’s not a diet where you never get a break and have to constantly be working on losing. I think that’s where I got weary in the past.

Another success factor for me was giving up Nutra Sweet. I’ll leave you to your own research but it’s really bad for you. REALLY BAD. It makes you crave sweets and turns off your brain mechanism to feel full. Not ingesting this chemical has greatly helped.

Also giving up starches and sugar–they are out of my system and I do not crave them–makes it much easier. I mentioned when I ate some sweet and starches at Thanksgiving I felt horrible–blech! It’s just not worth it.

Another success factor has been my Tellin’ The Truth Tuesday feature. Being accountable to you each week (or two) really keeps me on track.

I did my exercise twice this week and honestly the 2nd time I only did it because I knew I had to post this today! SEE!?

Along the way, finding out that I like being smaller, buying smaller clothing, living my life without carrying that weight–is a huge motivation.

There really are a lot of factors contributing to my success this time.




*Giving up Nutra Sweet

*Getting off the sugar high

*Ttapp (exercise that REALLy shows results)

*Beck Diet Solution (book that attacks bad thinking)

I’ve never pushed this diet and will never do so. But or me? I cannot argue that it’s changed my life.

*I’ve lost 153 lbs–over (almost) 2 years–that’s NOT losing weight too fast. I still have about 40ish to reach my personal goal.

*Instead of wearing clothing that is 3x/4x I wear clothing that is L. Maybe you wouldn’t be happy about L but I sure am;)! I can’t begin to describe how strange it is to me to look at clothing on the rack and remember that I am in the sizes that are too big.

*TMI perhaps–but I got measured for a b-r-a and the band is 10″ smaller than it was when I started losing weight!

*My shoes are too big.

*My wedding ring is too big.

*I sat in an amusement park ride and FIT.

*I sit in chairs and have room to the side of me.

*I can walk through a room without scoping out which path I should take so I can fit!

I need to post about my thoughts on why I was that heavy but this post is getting LONG!

Thank you to every one of you who has helped me by encouraging me or letting me know that you like hearing about  my progress.

I sure do wish I was “done” with this journey but I’m getting there and I’m not interested in going back to where I was so it’s all good!

Here is the other photo I didn’t post from the skirt/exercise pants photo–because it’s embarrassing! *(also remember I don’t really wear clothing this size but like I said I get a smile every time I put these on! Although I wouldn’t wear them out of the house!)



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  1. Janet

    This post is very encouraging. Thank you for sharing all the details, Lizzie. I need to find something that will work for me. I do really good about staying away from Nutrasweet and other artificial chemicals, but have so much other work to do. Congrats on all your accomplishments! You have much to be proud of.:)

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