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by adustyframe ~ December 16th, 2011

Salad ideas–it’s not just lettuce and ranch anymore!

Tips to take Christmas tree photos

Wow–so pretty! These do NOT look like salt dough! I think I should try them.

No sew ruffle tree skirt! Really pretty.

100 Christmas cookie ideas

A great reminder with tips on photographing your children

Quick and easy canvas art. I have an 8×10 from our photos this summer and a canvas. I should give this a try too!

Barbara shares a post about Christmas grief. She linked to one of my posts and I said this, “The 1st Christmas Lee was “away” was the 1st time I understood how difficult a holiday can be. It’s really strange to enjoy some parts of it and hurt so much at the same time!” This can be a really difficult time of year for people. If you know someone who’s been through a tough time this year, don’t assume that they are “fine”. Christmas can be really hard–take time to send them a note or invite them for coffee or just say, “I know Christmas can be tough. I’m praying for you.”

Often it feels like people just forgot all about you. Maybe it’s just because they are busy or they don’t know what to say. It’s really simple to just say, “I’m thinking of you right now.”



**Things on A Dusty Frame to remember–

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James is still raising money for the Compassion Water Filter project. He raised about $127 here. He’s been selling sugar cookies to local friends and raise another $40! Also, friends were inspired by James’ project and they’ve already raised enough money for 4 filters!

Leave a comment on my “10,000th  comment” post and be entered to win “something” haha! It will be nice I promise!



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  1. Janet

    I really love the tip on taking Christmas tree photos. I just love pretty trees.:)

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