Compassion Water Of Life~Results

by adustyframe ~ January 4th, 2012

THANK YOU so much to each person who donated to James’ Compassion Water Project.

The final total was $169.50. He received some of that through donations, and some by working hard baking cookies!

So, we just sent the donation and he was able to buy 3 filters and a couple bucks extra!

Also, one of my family members sponsored a child because of James’ project and another family decided to raise money for water filters too. They raised enough money for 11 filters.

It’s cool to see what God can do with a little kid’s idea!

I would say thank you thank you a million times, but instead watch this video! James and I loved it.



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  1. Pam

    Congrats to James!!!!

  2. celina

    i hope he is proud of himself…you should figure many people will have clean water just because of him….in canada a young boy like him wanted clean water for kids…and now he’s a big ceo of his own not for profit providing help to end child slavery and such….all cause he had an idea as a kid…

    so way to go!!!!!!!!!

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