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by adustyframe ~ January 13th, 2012

I finally tried this recipe this week. It’s SO EASY! I made 1 batch and use some in the dinner recipe and froze 2 containers for next time. Homemade cream of chicken soup.

Old color photos–1939-1943

A cute Scrabble idea

A tutorial for pretty little notebooks

Healthy snacks for kids

How to draw cartoon faces

Make a picture frame out of a book

Wow~a beautiful studio!

Here are a couple other links posts I saw this week.

January Inspiration

Made by you Monday--There are TONS of ideas here usually. I just skim it quickly and see if I want to take a peek at anything else.

Amy’s Notebook--she posts on Wednesday. I always enjoy peeking.

An Etsy shop I found this week:

Upcycled Creatively

My friend’s book:

My friend Marie wrote this book about her struggle with bulimia and how God rescued her! If you know someone who deals with this, please share her resource with them. Her book is Bibilically based.




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  1. Barb Jones

    Looks pretty easy to make… does it taste like it does from the red and white can?

    I don’t know;) I didn’t eat it. It smells better–doesn’t look like glop–and neither my husband or son complained:)

  2. Janet

    We have made the soup many times–love it! It really is simple and so much better for you. Love the old color photos very much! Love the pretty notebooks. My girls have all been drawing the comic faces tonight.:)

  3. Naomi @ Upcycled Creatively

    Thank you so much for sharing my Etsy shop! I hope you have a lovely week 🙂

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