Works Of God~

by adustyframe ~ January 15th, 2012

This week, I’m thanking God for safety.

Twice in the past two weeks, I couldn’t control the car on slippery roads. TALK ABOUT FREAKING OUT! One time, we stopped inches away from hitting a car. The 2nd time, I did hit the curb and spin the car. Thankfully, the car behind me stopped and everything was fine (but my heart….). I hope winter is over SOON!.

While Lee was out last week, he had to check things under the hood of the truck and the radiator blew hot antifreeze all over him. His arm was burned and he said he basically took an antifreeze bath. Thankfully, it wasn’t serious, but these remind me that things can happen so quickly.

Thank you, Lord for protection this week!


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  1. Sally Martin

    I am thankful that God kept both you and Lee from very serious injury.
    God provided actually 4 unexpected refund checks. Two for overpayment of our insurance premium; which were reduced and also another insurance for both of us. They had over charged us each on some prescription we had purchased in October. Thankful for their honesty in finding their errors and refunding the funds.

  2. Eunice

    I know what you mean ! Icey roads are not fun , and it can happen in a min ! So glad you are both safe & that Lee didnt get hurt worse , that is awful ( not a good bath ) !!!

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