Marriage Monday~Celebrating Womanhood

by adustyframe ~ January 16th, 2012


I haven’t participated in Marriage Monday for a long while. Today, she asks us to think of ourselves as a unique daughter of God and share with this format.

I am….. feeling inadequate.
I want….. to get the house/finances organized.
I have….. too much stuff!
I wish….. Lee could make money by always staying home.
I hate…..liars–as well as being accused of lying!
I miss….. having close Christian friends always around me–for example like when I was in college.
I fear….. what we’re going to do about insurance–if Lee will be safe on the road. I am working on daily turning it over to God.
I feel….. stiff and achy today–my back isn’t behaving.
I hear….. the morning local news.
I smell….. my nose is stuffed today….
I crave…, organization, time to rest.
I search….. for ways to be a better wife, mom, woman.
I wonder….. what kind of man James will be.
I regret….. how much anger I’ve had to process since Lee has been home (mostly the way I processed it….)
I love….. knitting, reading, (the list goes on…)
I ache….. when I think about those who could “do better”.
I care….. about single moms.
I always….. waste too much time…
I am not….. a great communicator orally.
I believe…..that Jesus is my Savior.
I dance….. nowhere….;0
I sing….. in church and around the house–in the car!
I cry….. when I’m angry. And I HATE that. People think I’m sorry or that I’m agreeing with them;0 no way–I’m spitting mad!
I don’t always….. respond correctly the 1st time.
I fight….. for my family.
I write….. to teach and encourage others as well as share how God carried us.
I never…. eat mushrooms.
I listen….. James laughing–one of my favorite sounds.
I need….. a red Kitchen aid…. haha Ok I know that is not a need.
I am happy….. that Lee’s been home for a few days.


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13 Thoughts Shared to Marriage Monday~Celebrating Womanhood

  1. Connie McConnell Hopkins

    I thoroughly enjoy my red Kitchenaid so I totally get it! I too cry when I am angry and I hate how people interpret that also! Thanks for sharing today!

  2. Beth

    I think it’s sweet that you cry when your mad. Maybe that means you are more in touch with your vulnerable/soft emotions–at least vulnerable expressions.

    So glad that you “fight for your family!”

    Thanks for letting me peek into your life and heart, Lizzie!

  3. Miriam Pauline

    Sweet list! So glad you shared.

  4. Lisa Maria

    Ooh..I’d love a red Kitchenaid too! I feel for you with the finances…wish my husband could always be home too (though I wonder if I’d go crazy after a while!) It was nice to know a little about you.

  5. Iris

    I really need to get organized too. I need to get especially my house organized and ready for visitors (hopefully) from Germany.

    Thank you for sharing a little about you 🙂

    Love & peace,
    < Iris

  6. terri g

    O.K. Lizzie: You are officially the Marriage Monday blogger with whom I have the most in common. I only don’t knit, my kitchen aid is white and I love mushrooms. I’m also on the Crew! Looking forward to reading more posts.

  7. Bobbi

    I know what you mean about the crying when you’re mad. That’s what I put too. HA!…I mean, grrr!

  8. Janet

    I cry when I get mad, too. I wish I was married so that I could do this. Thank you for caring about single moms.:)

  9. Mac an Rothaich

    Thanks for sharing. Sure sounds like there are struggles very raw in your day to day right now and I am sorry. Praying for strength and peace. I too often wish some how my man could be at home all the time and making a living as well. I like him a great deal:)

  10. Denise

    Sweet list.

  11. e-Mom

    My husband never eats mushrooms either! LOL. And I love the sound of my children laughing too.

    My daughter has a red KitchenAid, and she loves it! I hope you can get one soon.

    Thanks for sharing so honestly today. I enjoyed your post.

    And thanks for joining us for Marriage Monday. Come back again!

    Hugs, e-Mom

  12. Julie Arduini

    Yep, I hate lying, too. I cry when mad, and I’ve been worrying a bout insurance issues as well. SO glad I stopped by.

  13. Liz

    I just posted one myself. Thans for posting yours as I would have never known about it without you.

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