Night Time Chats~Repost from January 2007

by adustyframe ~ January 17th, 2012

Each night, at bed time, we cuddle in bed.

We say our prayers. His latest AWANA jewel required him to pray for a teacher, a friend, and a missionary.

This was good. I had tried before to show him how to pray for others but it wasn’t quite clicking.

Thanks to the AWANA project, he has established a habit of praying for others.

I enjoy listening to him take his petitions before God.

The other night he prayed. His prayers always include the heartbreaking phrase,

“Please help my daddy to come home.”

Then he prayed for his Sunday school teacher, his friend that was sick, my friend that is on deputation to Japan.

When he was done, he said, “When is daddy coming home?”

We have this conversation often. He knows that we don’t really know yet.

I said, “I know you’re sad. That’s is alright to be sad. Mom is sad. Dad is sad. You are sad. But what are we learning about God?”

His cherubic face was nestled on his pillow, with his cowboy blankets pulled up to his chin.

He looked up at me with his precious sparkling eyes, and said, “He is good.”

I was blown away. My little boy hurts as deeply as we do. Perhaps more.

Yet, he too knows that God is good. That God is caring for each of us.

I know that this time in our lives is a trial. We are tired, weary, and worn.

We are broken. All three of us.

However, I am so thankful that God is showing himself real to each of us. God loves a my son enough to impress on his little boy heart that God is good.

God IS good.

We sing a little song at Sunday School.

My God is good, good and he loves me.

My God is good and he loves me.

My God is good. My God is good.

My God is good and he loves me.

Yes he is.


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