Kindle Report~How To Find Free Kindle Books

by adustyframe ~ January 26th, 2012

James and I got a Kindle Touch for Christmas. I seem to be using it more than he does, but he’s interested at least. I’m the bigger reader around here.I wanted to get it to encourage him to read a little bit more–we’ll see if my plan worked. I’m reading more at least! (haha not sure if me reading MORE is good or not!)

I am a book lover and have been for years. I really wasn’t sure what I would think about it. I can tell you that I absolutely hate sitting at the computer trying to read e-books (we have a desktop).

I already had Kindle for PC and had accumulated a few free books, so I transferred an Amish type novel to it and started reading. Guess what?

This crazy book lover doesn’t mind it at all.  It’s easy to read and obviously not as heavy as lugging a book around.

I almost always have a book in my knitting bag or take one along to appointments or James Tae Kwon Do class. The nice thing about this is I can take lots of books and the weight in my bag doesn’t change.

I don’t think I’ll ever abandon actual books. I don’t think the Kindle is a replacement for books. I think it’s just a great option for reading on the go.

I don’t like that you can only share it one time with another Kindle owner–I think I’m right about that–only 1 share. And you can’t sell your copy when you’re done.

For a thrifty online seller that part bothers me a bit! However, I’ve only purchased one book so far and I have nearly 75 free books since Christmas.

Publishers seem to offer current books free for e-readers once in awhile and I’ve found quite a few! Also the classics can be found for free on Amazon.

Here are some blogs  and facebook pages I found to find free e-books. I don’t have time to search for free books everyday, but I can certainly follow blogs and grab the freebies I’m interested in.These blogs usually list several per day. I only take books I know I am interested in and will read someday. I don’t grab them just because they are free–some of them aren’t appropriate or interesting to me.

Here are blogs to follow:

Free Kindle Books and Tips

Pixel of Ink

Pixel of Ink young readers–their opinion of appropriate books and mine are different, but you can find a few now and then.

Amazon’s list of free Kindle books–found some gems!

On Facebook follow:

The Literature Lady

Inspired Reads--most of these are Christian authors (Hey, I just found one when I clicked on the link to post it for you!)


This is a list of tons of books in our Ambleside curriculum, but they are just great classics–anyone can enjoy them.

Another list: Free Children’s Classics for your Kindle–tons of good books!

I wanted to find a cover for it–especially since it gets put in my purse or knitting bag. They aren’t cheap and I didn’t really want to spend anything. I started looking for knitting patterns but didn’t find one I wanted.

I was cleaning out my craft stuff and found an afghan square I knit and never got any further. I looked it over and measured it and decided to make a Kindle cover out of it. All I had to do was whip stitch it closed. I added a knit pin in matching yarn and voila a free Kindle cover! All of this yarn is recycled from sweaters too. It’s not quite perfect–it’s a hair too long and just slightly narrow at the top but it works.

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  1. Pam

    There really are a lot of free Old classic books for Kindle….. I’m glad you are enjoying the Amish culture books. I’m first generation removed Amish and I love reading Beverly Lewis ….she is very true to the culture…..just one suggestion.
    God Bless, Pam

  2. Barbara H.

    I have a Kindle app on my Touchpad (Jim got me one of those when HP announced they weren’t going to make them any more and the price dropped). I enjoy it when I am going somewhere but I don’t often think about picking it up when I’m at home. At least I didn’t until I got really into one book and wanted to see what happened. I still love paper books most, but this is a nice option.

    I follow author Adan Blumer on Facebook, and he posts free kindle books some times. Thanks for all these links — especially the inspirational one. Those seem to be a little harder to find.

    I haven’t figured out yet how to share. But if you don’t have anyone else you exchange books with, maybe we can, once I’ve read a few.

  3. Barbara H.

    P. S. – That’s a cute cover! Jim got me one that is firm enough to fold into a stand — helps if I am reading it at the table while eating.

  4. Katherine

    Cute cover! I have all of the apps (Kindle, nook, etc.) on my iPad, and I love it. There are also cookbooks you can find for free–Gooseberry usually has one each month… I’ll never abandon actual books, either. I still re-read my favorites! 🙂

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