Shabby Apple Giveaway~Closed

by adustyframe ~ January 27th, 2012

Shabby Apple contacted me to see if I’d like to offer a giveaway featuring one of their lovely items.

I said sure! I’ve never worn anything from their site, but I’ve seen lots of giveaways and figured you may like to enter too.

I had to choose an item to giveaway which was difficult. I know what I would like but it’s hard to know what someone else may like you know?

I’ve chosen to give away the Kanani  dress from Shabby Apple an online boutique of women’s dresses. It looks so pretty for spring and summer–easy to dress up or down.

This giveaway is for US addresses only.

To enter:

1. You  MUST like their Facebook page. Then leave a comment here with your facebook name (in case you win!)

2. Go to their site Shabby Apple and pick an item you’d love to try from their collection. Come back here and leave a comment with the link to the item you love.

If you’d like bonus entries you can tweet about the giveaway or put it on your Facebook status. You have to come back here with a link to your tweet and leave a comment (or how will I know?) Limit 1 tweet or Facebook status per day.

You can copy and paste this tweet–

Enter to win A Dusty Frame’s Shabby Apple giveaway.

Giveaway ends Thursday February 2, 2012 at midnight Pacific.

Shabby Apple is offering you a code dustyframe10off — 10% off any purchase on their site! It expires 2/25/2012.


98 Thoughts Shared to Shabby Apple Giveaway~Closed

  1. Laura Lynch

    i like shabby apple on fb (laura lynch)

  2. Laura Lynch

    I’d love to try the l’opera dress. love the color!

  3. Laura Lynch


  4. Briana

    I liked their facebook page. My name is Briana Jeffers.

  5. Briana

    I love so many of their dresses. I would like to wear Desert Blossom.

  6. Debra Lee

    I liked the m on Facebook! (Easily Distracted Debra)

  7. Debra Lee

    I love tha Maize Dress on their Site!

  8. Debra Lee

    I tweeted here:!/DistractedDebra/status/163059272245190656

  9. Deanne Sharp

    I like Shabby Apple on FB. Deanne Price Sharp

  10. Deanne Sharp

    I love the half dome dress!

  11. blair @ wild & precious

    i like/LOVE shabby apple on facebook with Both my accounts! & (Blair Mcleod & Wild & Precious)

  12. blair @ wild & precious

    i am in love with the confidential white lace dress. so chic!


  13. blair @ wild & precious

    tweet tweet! @blairita!/Blairita/status/163107300486291456

  14. April Gilbertson

    I like Shabby Apple on Facebook (with the above name). 🙂

  15. April Gilbertson

    I would love to try the casual, fun, flirty Atlantic Fog dress:

  16. April Gilbertson

    I tweeted:!/irishmarmalade/status/163107300469522433

  17. shopfreak

    Love the Madison dress…

  18. shopfreak

    Already liked them on Facebook for Leilani.P.V.

  19. shopfreak

    Just tweeted:!/shopfreak14/status/163110149521813504

  20. anna pry

    fb fan

  21. anna pry

  22. Jenny

    I like Shabby Apple on Facebook!

  23. Jenny

    I love the entire Tinsel Town collection! Thanks for the great giveaway!
    Modern Modest Beauty

  24. Anissa Gooch

    liked Shabby fb, an gooch

  25. Anissa Gooch

    I love the Ahoy dress!

  26. Tara Lazar

    Liked their FB page.

    I love the color of the Sierra Nevada dress.

  27. Amy B

    I like thier FB page.

  28. Amy B

    Also love their cider dress.

  29. Shabby women | Kiroset

    […] Shabby Apple Giveaway | A Dusty Frame […]

  30. Dolly Garnecki

    I like Shabby Apple on FB

    drgarnecki at gmail dot dome

  31. Dolly Garnecki

    i’d love to try their sequoia falls dress or the VIP dress…too many lovelies to choose!

  32. Gina M Maddox

    I like them on FB — Crave to Save
    gina.m.maddox (AT) gmail (DOT) com

  33. Gina M Maddox

    My favorite dress is beauty mark-

    gina.m.maddox (AT) gmail (DOT) com

  34. Gina M Maddox

    gina.m.maddox (AT) gmail (DOT) com

  35. Denise L

    I like Shabby Apple on fb (denise lebegue)

  36. Denise L

    I love the Baciami dress right now!

  37. Denise L!/dmarie824/status/163356023271325697

    tweeted 1/28

  38. Jennifer

    I like shabby apple on facebook! Jennifer sullivan

  39. Jennifer

    I love the cotton candy dress!

  40. Marie

    I liked on FB (Marie Dalton Pickrel)

  41. Marie

    I think Awesome Blossom is totally “ME” 🙂

  42. Debra Lee

    Daily Tweet:!/DistractedDebra/status/163395927124623360

  43. kristind

    I like them on FB

  44. kristind

    I love anything from the Tinsel Town collection….gorgeous!!

  45. April Gilbertson

    I tweeted again today:!/irishmarmalade/status/163459430715887617

  46. Frances Veenstra

    I also shared this on my fb page!/profile.php?id=1253562787


  47. Julia

    I liked them on fb.

  48. Julia

    Baciami is my fav!

  49. Catherine

    I like Shabby Apple on FB (name: Cat Peony S.)

  50. Catherine

    I like the dress Primavera

  51. Catherine

    I tweeted!/picatasi/status/163518051755634688

  52. Gina M Maddox!/CrazyItalian0/status/163697219776684032
    gina.m.maddox (AT) gmail (DOT) com

  53. Debra Lee

    Daily Tweet:!/DistractedDebra/status/163727284711325696

  54. Becky Woolley

    I liked them on FB (Becky Speer Woolley)

  55. Becky Woolley

    I love the Carnival dress!

  56. Bekah

    I like Shabby Apple on FB
    madame.kent at yahoo dot com

  57. Bekah

    I would love to have the Sierra Nevada from Yosemite!
    madame.kent at yahoo dot com

  58. Bekah

    Shared on FB!!/permalink.php?story_fbid=159148204200331&id=100002802923323

  59. Randi S

    Liked on FB (Randi Sa****n- Sorry, I’d prefer not to type my full name;))

  60. Randi S

    I love:

  61. April Gilbertson

    Daily tweet:!/irishmarmalade/status/163823989096054784

  62. Denise L

    Tweeted 1/30!/dmarie824/status/164012127303114752

  63. Robin in New Jersey

    Wow! Look at all the comments! There usually are just a few. I guess a giveaway brings them out!

    I liked them on FB. (Robin Bleezarde)

  64. Anissa Gooch

    liked shabby on fb, i am an gooch

  65. Anissa Gooch

    I love the Overboard dress

  66. Heather S

    Liked on FB!(Heather Sebastian)
    I adore the White Tulle Knee Length Skirt! Bring it back more sizes! Pretty please of course! Cheers!

  67. Heather S

    Daily tweet!!/KaizenFashion/status/164133333981343745

  68. Amy B

    I tweeted:!/Amdierm/status/164200541726048257

  69. April Gilbertson

    Daily tweet:!/irishmarmalade/status/164205889216184321

  70. Debra Lee

    Daily Tweet:!/DistractedDebra/status/164230905286762496

  71. Catherine

    daily tweet!/picatasi/status/164254933732958209

  72. christy

    I like shabby apple on fb
    christy y. m.

  73. christy

    Love the Tres Jolie

  74. christy

    i tweeted!/yanuzo/status/164368794251313152

  75. Denise L

    Tweeted 1/31!/dmarie824/status/164390690749550592

  76. Gina M Maddox!/CrazyItalian0/status/164422974227759104

  77. April Gilbertson


  78. Denise L

    Tweeted 2/1!/dmarie824/status/164769781088661504

  79. Rebekah

    Liked on FB

  80. Rebekah

    I would love to have “ivy league” from Academia!

  81. Rebekah

    Shared on FB.!/permalink.php?story_fbid=119523571503702&id=15303780

  82. April Gilbertson


  83. Catherine

    daily tweet

  84. Kym

    I liked their Facebook page – Kym Thorpe

  85. Amy B!/Amdierm/status/165069339706392577

  86. Kimberly Kovach

    I didn’t just like them on FB, I love them!

  87. Kimberly Kovach

    Very hard to pick just one from this line alone! Pretty, pretty.

    kimberly leui kovach on FB

  88. Kimberly Kovach

    Putting the giveaway on fb, too.
    kimberly leui kovach

  89. Kym I love this one – Puca Pucara. Lots of cute stuff, but it seems like the skirts are either above the knee or floor length!

  90. Denise L

    Tweeted 2/2!/dmarie824/status/165081683094282240

  91. Joanne

    I like;))

  92. Allie Dopp

    I’ve always loved Shabby Apple and like their fb page. I love the dress you’ve chosen. The next thing I would want to try is their swimwear: Odina, So classy!

  93. Gina M Maddox

    gina.m.maddox (AT) gmail (DOT) com

  94. Debbie

    I like Shabby Apple on facebook.

    Debbie McSwain Lott

  95. Debbie

    I like “overboard.” They have lots of cute choices!

  96. natalie jane

    I like them on facebook! natalie p

  97. natalie jane

    I love the confidential dress!

  98. Catherine

    tweeted! 2/2!/picatasi/status/165298470851321856