Tellin’ The Truth Tuesday~Be Prepared Away From Home Edition

by adustyframe ~ January 31st, 2012


Recently, I was discussing being prepared with some others on their weight loss journey. I suggested a couple things and though I’d share them with you.

I’d also love it if you chime in and share tips that have worked for you!

1. Plan ahead where you’re going to eat if you’re out and about. For example, I really can’t eat out at the Chinese place if I’m on the strict part of my diet, but I can eat a certain buffet. I do make my needs known by the way!

2. If you don’t have a say where you’re eating, either order something plain or boring OR eat ahead of time or afterwards. I sat at the pizza place the other day with an ice water while Lee and James enjoyed a pizza (compliments of a Christmas gift certificate). There was no being sorry for myself or sitting there with a mopey face–there wasn’t anything there I could eat so I ate lunch ahead of time. No biggie!

3. Keep tea bags and stevia in my purse–forgot about that and could have used some stevia today!

4. Take an apple, or other easy to transport fruit. I sometimes take celery sticks, cheese sticks, or whatever I’m allowed. I keep it in the car just in case. That way I don’t have to say, “I couldn’t help eating a double burger with cheese”.

5. Take water.

6. Take an allowed treat if you’re going somewhere that the food is hard to resist. Last fall at church, they had pie night. I sort of like pie–lol! I took a protein bar that I usually don’t buy and a can of Zevia (stevia sweetened soda). I enjoyed them and avoided the pie.

7. Take food along to church suppers. Don’t feel strange about it–just do it.

8. Don’t lie to yourself that you cant’ resist food you’re not allowed to have. Don’t lie to yourself that you deserve a treat that’s not on your plan. Tell yourself you’re taking care of yourself AND DO IT!

Ok what are your away from home tips?


5 Thoughts Shared to Tellin’ The Truth Tuesday~Be Prepared Away From Home Edition

  1. Pam

    To quote Joyce Meyer……are you going to let a chocolate chip cookie run your life????

    Always makes me smile…..

  2. Briana

    I always take at least a snack even if we are just running to the store. I agree we need to be prepared ahead of time!

  3. Liz

    There was something on pinterest recently and it said “You are not a dog. Don’t reward yourself with food.” Another saying to keep handy. I’d say do your homework. Most chain places have the nutritional info online so look up your favorite places and write now 2-5 options for any given place that you like to go and keep it in your purse. Then if it’s a last minute thing, you already have your options in your purse with you.

  4. katrina

    Thanks for the tips. They help with my food allergies too. I’ve been avoiding pot luck meals because I end up not eating anything. I’ll just start taking my own meal and enjoying the company.

  5. Catherine

    These are great money saving tips as well.

    My co-workers and I go out to lunch sometimes and I always look up the menu ahead of time because I take FOREVER to decide & it is just quicker if I know what I want when we get there. It is definitely easy to look up nutrition info online, too!

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