In General

by adustyframe ~ February 2nd, 2012

I can tell that in general my life is better.

I am going to bed earlier and sleeping well. I still don’t wake up totally rested but oh well….

I’ve been making lots more homemade food–things like cream soups to freeze, or other things to put in the freezer.

I can think about spending time with a friend just for fun.

I enjoy getting things done around the house.

I’m more creative.

Running errands doesn’t exhaust me (well sometimes it does). I remember a time when I couldn’t handle going more than 1 place at a time.

I’m glad. It feels like I have “me” back.

It just goes to show you that being a single mom is really really really (really really really) hard. It takes SO much. The never ever getting a break is exhausting.

The sole bread winning is exhausting.

I’m still not back to the energy level I used to have. I probably never will be. Trials take a toll on a body. And you know I’m quite a bit older…..

So, I’m glad to feel more like myself these days.

**If you know a single mom, please think of her today. Can you do something even super tiny to lighten her load?**



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  1. Pam

    When My daughter was ten years old I divorced her father – he became drug and alcohol addicted when he returned from Viet Nam
    I gave him options and support before I fiiled……..He said he liked his life the way it was and was not willing to change…….I said I was not willing to have our daughter grown up thinking his behavior was acceptable. I remained single and didn’t date for the next 15 years.
    I never spoke unkindly of him to her……we had a wonderful accepting church……she was very active in Awana……fast forward
    She helped put herself thru college…..she is a Godly Woman, wife and mom… well as a much respected special needs teacher. It was hard…..there was some criticism ….. Like Lizzie said if you know a single parent mom or dad…..accept them….help however you can ……if you don’t have money….give your time and encouragement. God will bless you for it

  2. Lisa

    As I single mom I know those feelings all too well!

  3. Janet

    Thank you for acknowledging how hard and tiresome it is to be a single mother. Sometimes I think something is wrong with me, why can’t I handle more? Thank you for understanding.

  4. Ame

    i hear ya … it’s unbelievable what being a single mom does to the body. i’m beginning to get some of ‘me’ back, too … but i know i’ll never be where i was. it’s all such a looong journey of healing.

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