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by adustyframe ~ February 10th, 2012


These melted repurposed crayons have been around since I was a kid. But! I like the way she wrapped these.

I loved this article–this woman quits modeling for Victoria Secret because she wants to honor her husband and the Lord with her body. (the video clip does show her modeling for VS so watch at your own discretion–you can read the article though.)

10 Greatest Romances in history

Downtown Abbey vs the SuperBowl

I know the Super Bowl is over but here’s a funny I saw on Facebook last week and it sums up our feelings around here!

I found this company on another blog’s giveaway–looks like modest stylish dresses at reasonable pieces. Mikarose

Make your own Truvia

Cute gift for little ones–magic paint board

Rare Book Room–look at rare OLD books!

And another Facebook funny



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  1. Janet

    I love especially the article on the Victoria Secret model. I wish more Christians would value modesty as she has.

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