Prison Ministry

by adustyframe ~ February 10th, 2012

A couple of weeks ago, I saw an announcement in the church bulletin about training for prison ministry.

OH! I’ve wondered for awhile if I should volunteer somehow. But our old church didn’t do anything and I wasn’t sure how to connect with a ministry.

And let’s face it, I really don’t WANT to walk into a prison EVER again.

The sounds, the smells, the sights, the feelings, the memories–I’m almost tearing up just writing this and remembering how being at the prison feels.

The only reason, I think I may be being called into this is that I understand.

I finally connected with the woman and she filled me in on the ministry. Their rules are that only men minister to men and only women to women.

Good! Lee was not at all interested in having me inside a men’s prison. He said that the probability of things happening at a moment’s notice are very high.

I don’t know if I will end up only working in a support role–helping them in their office, paperwork, etc or if I will go to the women’s prison and participate in Bible studies.

Women criminals scare me– that may sound funny, but I just feel a hardened woman is so much worse than a hardened man–but God is able to crack hard hearts isn’t He?

Please pray for me that I will have clear direction what role I should take and that Lee and I will be in agreement on what I should or should not do. I will find out more at the training in a couple weeks.


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  1. Joy

    Praying with you on this.

  2. Janet

    I pray the Lord will give you wisdom to know what to do. I do think God will work through your experiences somehow and some time to comfort others, even if it turns out to be too fresh for you right now.:)

  3. Katherine

    Do you know of an inspiring/self help book for someone in prison? Something along the lines of working on character issues, but also encouraging (does this book exist?!)?
    Thanks for any help!

  4. Pam

    I think the Joyce Meyer book Battlefield of the mind will help anyone in or out of prison…..

  5. celina

    i have always seen you as a counsellor to the wives of those men….to help them be strong for their kids and their hubbies..the handful that decide to stand by their man..( i mean if half of marriages end in divorce…i cannot imagine the stats for families of prisonners)…

    I hope you get to help out in a way that is cathartic for you…and helpful to others….i have faith that is your calling…

  6. Jenn

    ^^ Yep, ditto what Celina said ^^

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