by adustyframe ~ February 14th, 2012

Courageous is now out on DVD and I was blessed with a copy of it for review.

I reviewed Courageous when it was in the theater–just my personal opinion after seeing the movie. You can read that here.

I cried in all the same places this time too. I still feel the same way about the jail scenes but it’s still a good movie.

What I did love about the DVD is the bonus features.

There are bloopers and jokes–it seems these people are fun loving and silly!

There is a segment on the service people from the church gave in order to make the movie.

There is a segment on the prayer involved in the movie–I especially liked that part

I don’t know if I mentioned this but when we went with Lee in the semi, we stayed in Albany, GA (at a truck stop!) and went to Sherwood Baptist for church on Sunday morning.

We absolutely loved it. There is an amazing spirit immediately felt in this church. Everyone was very friendly to us.

The ushers knew we were visiting and helped us find our places. The usher introduced us to the people behind us and the man was an owner of a  Chick Fill A. We told him we wanted to find one because we’d never eaten there.

He was shocked! He gave us free food coupons then said, “Just a second!” He ran out to the parking lot and gave us a gift from Chick Fill A–it was a boxed set of all the Sherwood movies on DVD.

We did see some of the actors in the service. The mom from Courageous was immediately in front of us as we walked down the hall to the sanctuary. Nathan Hayes (the officer in the opening scene) gave the announcements. Alex Kendrick led in prayer and Stephen Kendrick gave the sermon that day.

I didn’t take any photos at the church–for some reason I thought toting the camera into church would be weird!

After church, we were directed to the visitor center where members (and cast members of some of the movies) were greeting visitors. We were given a welcome packet with a sermon, a book, a mug, info on the church, info on Albany in case we wanted to take photos at scenes in the movies, and homemade cookies–which James LOVED!

The service was encouraging and uplifting and I was blessed by the sweet spirit in the congregation. I also enjoyed seeing people so excited to worship God.

Sherwood is NOT a huge church. They have about 1500 people–it goes to show you that if you’re willing to be used, God can use you no matter if you’re “big” or “small”.

Like I said though–this ministry of theirs is bathed in prayer and I was blessed again to see their heart when I watched all the bonus segments on the DVD.

If you’ve not watched Courageous yet try to find a copy of the DVD and spend some time with the people of Sherwood and be blessed by their heart for the Lord!

*Disclaimer~I was given a free copy of Courageous on DVD in order to provide my review. All opinions are my own.



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  1. Pam

    I have said ever since I started reading your blog that your story should be a movie…….now you know where to start…..
    Your starry is inspirational and could encourage people inside prison and outside

  2. katrina

    I’ve heard wonderful things about that movie. Haven’t seen it yet, but my church is showing it on 2/24. I may be going, but not sure yet.

    What a happy day when you were able to attend Sherwood Baptist! What a great welcome to visitors! What a blessing.

  3. Janet

    Oh, Lizzie, how wonderful you got to visit Sherwood! We are just an hour from there and have been wanting to go. Sounds like they showed you so much Christian love! Did you get to eat at Chick-fil-a? One of our favorite places!:)

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