Works Of God~Share A Blessing

by adustyframe ~ February 19th, 2012

So, any blessings out there?

1. Lee was able to swing by the house for most of the day on Saturday. After his 2 weeks off due to semi repairs, he planned to be gone nearly a month. But we got a little visit and enjoyed being able to cuddle and laugh with him.

2. This mild winter! For many reasons!

a. Since I’ve lost weight I am easily chilled. A mild winter is a blessing indeed.

b. I’m a horrible winter driver. A mild winter helps keep us alive on the roads!

c. Since I hurt my back/neck, I’ve been afraid of walking on ice. A mild winter means little ice! Woo hoo!

3. The library–free books!

4. Friends for my son!

What about you?


Thank You for Sharing Your Thoughts