Driving Past

by adustyframe ~ February 21st, 2012

Today, I drove on the highway. The road took me right past the prison where Lee spent quite awhile.

When Lee was there, driving past hurt.

I felt my heart pulling toward the prison. Inside I’d say, “Hi Babe” and sometimes I’d even blow him a kiss.

Today, driving past didn’t hurt.

It didn’t even hurt to remember the hurt.

That has to be a good thing right?

The only emotion today was, “Oh dear God THANK YOU!”


2 Thoughts Shared to Driving Past

  1. Ame


    the healing process is a very good thing … healing from grief, from pain, from loss. the final step is acceptance.

    i would say this is a very good thing 🙂

  2. Janet

    How wonderful not to feel the pain, Lizzie!

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