Monday Musings

by adustyframe ~ February 27th, 2012

What I’m thinking: We’ve mostly been healthy this winter. But James was ill this weekend and I haven’t felt well for a couple weeks. I’m doing a sort of de-tox eating thing and I’m sure that’s part of it! I also go through seasons of energy then being worn out. So, I think I’m in a worn out season.

What I’m reading: The Shadow of Your Smile--Susan May Warren. It’s from the Deep Haven series. I reviewed one of them here and then found the others on Paperback Swap. I enjoy her writing. I just started it but it’s good so far. I also just finished The President’s Inner Circle by Brad Meltzer. We like his show Decoded on the History Channel and his novels are pretty good too! I never used to read that type of book, but lately I’ve been enjoying them.

I’m also reading Radical by David Platt and Holding Out For A Hero–a Bible study I’m doing with a friend based on Hebrews by Lisa Harper. We heard her at Women of Faith.

What I’m listening to: Dave Ramsey Financial Peace CD’s–borrowing from my friend. James watching TV. Third Day Cd (not all at once–just what’s been playing around here.)

What we’re learning: Revolutionary War time period, Genesis–7 C’s of history from Answers in Genesis–and other good stuff.

What I’m watching: Downton Abbey–I heard all my friends raving about it and I do love period shows. There are a couple inappropriate scenes but I will say they are very mild–more inferences than graphic scenes. I’m enjoying it. I love the Dowager Countess–she’s sassy! The dresses are just beautiful! Oh and the castle isn’t too shabby either!

What’s cooking: Nothing much today–James and I don’t feel so hot. I have been making kefir from grains my friend sent. MMMMMM.

Also for my eating, I eat low carb & healthy fats so I’ve been trying a few of those type recipes.

What I’m buying: Not much–we’re trying to Dave Ramsey around here. I did use my weekly spending money on Season 1 of Downton Abbey which I hadn’t seen and couldn’t figure out what was going on in Season 2. James spent the night at a friend’s on Friday, so I had a Downton marathon.  He doesn’t watch it anyway.

What I’m thankful for: Safety on the roads for Lee. He was in an accident last week and it didn’t look good–the woman was airlifted to the hospital. Thankfully, it was only bruises–no other injuries or broken bones AND it was totally her fault. She pulled out right in front of him from her stop sign. (Phew….talk about STRESS!)

What I’m creating: Working on our Project Life scrapbook for 2012. I decided to give it a go and have really enjoyed a different way of looking at our scrapbooking. I document a lot more details and specifics of our week, but it’s just pockets so I’m not creating whole layouts. I still like that way of scrapbooking too but this is great for getting down details that I’m sure will be so cool when people look back at it. I’d love to see daily snippets of life from family members in the past.

What I’m praying: Lots of loss this past week. One of my mom’s aunts lost her husband a couple months ago. Then his sister died and now a daughter (my cousin–2nd?) All within the past couple months. Lee’s childhood best friend lost his brother last week after a  grueling battle with cancer. Then the Cretzman’s  missionaries to Cuba lost their 3 year old in a car accident. I believe her funeral is today.

What I’m planning: A get away to a hotel water park with Lee and James next week:)! We got a super deal–probably because it’s the middle of winter! We’re going on Mon/Tue to hopefully avoid crowds–gotta love homeschooling for avoiding crowds.

What we did this last weekend: Sat around not feeling great.

What I’m looking forward to: Spring, getting away with my boys, sprucing up stuff outside.


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  1. Pam

    Please pray for my daughter tomorrow….she had two C Sections
    Roughly 14 and 16 years ago…….she wasn’t put back together
    Properly and has been really suffering lately…..thanks Lizzie
    I’ll let you know how she does.
    Thank goodness Lee wasn’t hurt or at fault in the accident.
    Pam, South Bend

  2. Janet

    So glad Lee was not hurt in the wreck! So sorry about all the losses lately. I hope you guys are feeling better soon.

    Pam, I pray your daughter will be ok tomorrow.

  3. sara m

    Hi Lizzie. It’s good to be reading here again.

  4. Lisa

    Sorry about the accident, but glad it looks better. Guess where someone in MY house may be going? Yep….Glad you’re loving Downton–it’s what I asked for for my half century birthday this weekend–I can’t wait till next season when Shirley McLaine arrives as Cora’s mother!

    I should Dave Ramsey my scrapbook stuff–haven’t touched it since 2 months after we moved here–and that will be 4 years in the fall. I used to LOVE it–live for it. Then the digital camera disaster and I just lost all interest. STill love to look at others though.

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