Waiting For The Other Shoe To Drop

by adustyframe ~ February 28th, 2012

After Lee’s accident last week, I realized something.

I’ve been holding my breath for most of the past year–waiting for the other shoe to drop.

Even though I don’t believe in luck, I’ve been saying things like, “It’s not Lee’s luck for things to go so well.” Yesterday, when I realized that I’ve been thinking that a lot, I knew I had to ask the Lord to help me.

When he finally got a trucking job, I felt like, “It’s not Lee’s luck to get a job he wants.” So I felt something would go wrong. Now, the 1st job did go a little wonky–that man still owes us a LOT of money.

But then he got the new job before he quit the 1st job and it’s higher pay. I said, “It’s not Lee’s luck to get a job so quickly.” And I felt like surely this was too good to be true.

We’re starting to dig out of our financial mess (barely) but I feel like, “It’s not our luck to actually have money to clean this up and live on.”
After his accident last week, the officer let him go. The officer was NICE. The officer said, “It’s not your fault.”

I was waiting for something to happen–after all it’s not Lee’s luck for things to go well. (According to my faulty thinking.)

For not believing in luck, I am sure using that statement a lot.

One of Lee’s brothers said to me awhile ago, “Well things can’t go bad for you guys forever. Maybe it’s your time for things to look up.”

I don’t know how I got in this rut of thinking that things are going to always fall apart. Oh, yeah, perhaps the last 7ish years of everything going wrong even things that weren’t supposed to.

But along the way, some of my survival mode rubbed off into my soul and instead of believing God wants His best for us, I began to believe that things were always going to turn out wrong.

I was listening to Dave Ramsey the other day and he said, “Your heavenly Father loves you wildly. He’s your Daddy and He wants what’s best for you. …And He’s RICH!”

God’s best for us for a time was going through that valley. Now that we’re leaving that valley, I need to quit wallowing there and thinking that something is always around the corner trying to push us back down.

You can pray for me. I didn’t lose my optimism or my “Pollyanna” but I guess I forgot about it for awhile….


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  1. Note-able Scraps

    I am really glad things are looking up for you! Praise God! 🙂

  2. Lisa

    I know how you feel–my son is getting his best ever grades so guess who I had to talk to today. Lee is an adult and sometimes things happen because another adult did the wrong thing. Sounds like the officer realized that Lee was not at fault and that was the end of it for him. I’m glad for Lee–I know he needs those votes of confidence.

    FYI–I’ve been blogging about getting out of MY financial mess in case you need encouragement!

  3. Pam

    I have been guilty of this “waiting for the other shoe to fall too”
    Then today I heard yet another message on Jerimiah 29:11-13

    God does have a good plan for our lives……a plan to give us hope and a good future…..

    We can pray for each other to live by what gods word says……NOT what we feel.

    Thanks Lizzie for once again keeping it real.

  4. Janet

    I can understand that. I’ve felt that way many times. I’m happy for you that things are getting so much better!

  5. Eunice

    I know God wants His best for all of you , some times it is easy to focus on the bad things or wrong things and totally miss the little things God is doing for us ( hence the name of my business, because of that ) ! I pray that God will open the gates for you & financially bless you !You have been faithful in the little things ! I am thankful that Lee’s accident turned out ok & he is fine !
    Have a blessed day !!

  6. Karen

    This was a great post. My husband and I have both been working on changing our minds and our words. We developed bad habits over the course of our lives in thinking along the lines of surviving, just getting by. I sometimes think it’s a generational curse. Our parents, grandparents, great-grandparents and on back were poor and just able to survive and get by. It never occurred to us to think a different way. We’ve been listening to different TV pastors who have helped us to change our thinking and to start dreaming BIG things for our family. And not only dream BIG but believe BIG. If we say something negative over our finances or over anything else, we immediately say “I rebuke that negative statement and I claim the promises of God”. It’s difficult to grasp just how much our Heavenly Father really loves us and wants to bless us. Once we get that into our heart, there will be no stopping us. I’m not talking about getting rich for the sake of being rich. I’m talking about having plenty in order to be a blessing to others. Give to missions and Christian organizations. Y’all just hang in there. God bless you all!

  7. Ame

    i tend to be very skeptical in my heart now – this was a good post

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