Tellin’ The Truth Tuesday

by adustyframe ~ March 13th, 2012


How am I doing?

1. I’ve been SLACKING on my exercise–I need to quit slacking!

2. Doing well on my eating rules. Right now I’m eating high protein/healthy fat and a few other rules. Doing very well, not hungry at all–no cravings. WOO HOO

3. I’ve been getting to bed earlier. Not every night but many nights so I’m good with that. I’m still not waking up as early as I’d like though.

4. Getting in all my water.


What about you? Any progress or health goals to share?


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  1. Joy

    So glad you’re doing well in the eating area…it’s a hard thing but keep up the great work! I’ve been doing T-TAPP which has been a lifesaver due to all the traveling we’ve been doing and the stress of my mom in the hospital. 15 min. a day is WAY more doable than any other form of exercise. To top it all off, I’m seeing great results!!!

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