A Touching Testimony

by adustyframe ~ March 14th, 2012

At church on Sunday, they baptized several people. The service I attended baptized mostly children.

The last baptism was a young man–not sure of his age. He shared that he is currently in a Christian juvenile facility. He shared how his life was messed up and he was in trouble.

At his first facility, someone gave him a Bible. At the Christian facility, he was able to attend devotions and learn from other Christians and he gave his life to Christ.

I cried–you know I cry when I hear someone reached out to someone in a situation like this.

What a testimony to hear that God changed his life and it started with someone caring enough to give him a Bible.

Juvenile or adult, these people are NOT beyond God’s reach. I’m blessed to know that there are those who care about them.



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  1. Pam

    Amen……and thank you Jesus

  2. Lisa

    I hope he sticks with it.

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