Tellin’ The Truth Tuesday~How I’ve Changed

by adustyframe ~ March 20th, 2012


I was thinking of this idea for a blog post the other night and decided to post it! I’ve changed a lot over the past several years but this post will focus on how I’ve changed through weight loss.

1. I discovered that real food–food God made–fills me up, keeps me satisfied and tastes delicious!

2. Some of my old favorite treats (peanut butter cups for example) taste gnarly! BLECH!!! (Sometimes I am ambivalent about that change though!)

3. I am more confident.

4. I enjoy feeling better about myself.

5. I have quit giving up when I have a bad day/week dieting or eating healthy. I don’t beat myself up over mistakes and then quit. (That makes sense doesn’t it? I blew it so I may as well eat 1,000 more calories today ;0! )

6. I enjoy pretty clothes.

7. I enjoy fitting in things. Last summer, my sister and I took the kids to a local family amusement park. I sat in the ride and I FIT!~without squishing! I even squealed out loud. I couldn’t help it. I still get a kick out of sitting in a chair and having room to the side of me.

8. When I’m stressed or upset, I still feel the pull of wanting to eat but I’ve been able to stop myself. I’m thankful for that! As you can imagine as an emotional eater, I did way too much of that during the past several years.

9. I am able to tell the truth about my food choices. I don’t blame the carrot cake for tempting me if I eat it. I don’t blame the diet if I mess up. I don’t say, “I can’t help myself at a party. I just have to eat that cake.” I’m thankful for that. Does that mean I don’t eat things I’m not supposed to? NO WAY! It just means I don’t lie about why I ate it. I don’t tell myself the lie that I “couldn’t help it”.

10. I am willing to keep working on it even though it’s been 2 years and I’m not quite there!

Here’s a really encouraging story from my weekend. (copied and pasted from an online group)

I’ve been feeling blue lately because I feel so flabby. I had a LOT to lose and still have a good amount to lose. It’s going to take a lot more for the flab to go away but it feels like that’s all I see lately.

I went to spend the weekend with my brother and sister in law and my sweet baby nephews;). My sil is THIN! (not exaggerating–7 days after naturally birthing a nearly 10 lb baby back in her sz 4 NON MATERNITY jeans;0!) anyway;) we went shopping and my son and I had to climb in the way back of their Mazda 5. She said, “You can sit up front” I said “No I’m good climbing back here. Awhile ago I would have never made it.” She said, “You’re right. I was just thinking that. You’ve lost so much weight and you look so good.” 🙂 Made my day and reminded me to quit dwelling on how far I still have to go but how far I’ve come!


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  1. Christy

    Love this, Lizzie! You are doing great! It does take time. I STILL struggle with emotional eating, but like you said so much changes over time … not giving up, the old food tasting yucky, getting excited about beautiful, natural, colorful fruits & veggies. A transformed mind.

  2. Ame

    “quit dwelling on how far I still have to go but how far I’ve come!”

    excellent wisdom covering many areas … and woo hoo! congratulations!

  3. Carol S.

    Yeah for you!!!

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