Krill Oil~Review & Giveaway

by adustyframe ~ March 24th, 2012

Have you heard of  Everest Nutrition Krill oil? I had heard of it but not really looked into it before. I was contacted by Everest Nutrition Krill Oil to see if I’d do a review and giveaway of their product.

I’ve always known we’re supposed to take fish oil for the health benefit but I wasn’t sure why it is we were supposed to prefer krill over fish oil!

Well, here’s one article to tell you about krill.  Here is another article. Here is a page of FAQ’s

Krill is a shrimp like crustacean high in omega 3’s. It’s also high in powerful antioxidants.

I have been taking 2 per day for awhile now. I’m not sure that I feel huge changes but I know that I should be taking them and I was slacking on taking any fish or omega 3 supplements.

One thing (TMI alert) the last two times I had my monthly cycle, I had no symptoms ahead of time. I usually get a headache and am irritable and hungry a day or so before–not the last two times. So I guess it IS working.  One of the stated benefits of krill oil is relief of PMS symptoms.

Everest Nutrition Krill Oil has offered to give a bottle of krill oil to one of my readers.

To Enter:

1. Read this article and leave a comment here with one of the health benefits you are interested in. Also state whether or not you’ve tried other omega 3 supplements or krill oil.

For Bonus Entries:

1. Tweet about this giveaway or put it on your Facebook status. Come back here and leave a comment telling me you did so. Limit 1 tweet/FB per day.

Giveaway ends Wednesday March 28 noon Pacific.


7 Thoughts Shared to Krill Oil~Review & Giveaway

  1. terri g

    I’ve tried omega oils, but not krill. I’d love to reduce the wrinkles and the joint pain.

  2. Janet

    I have been on Mercola’s Krill Oil for about 5 months now. I started taking it to help with carpel tunnel syndrome and it’s made quite a difference! I haven’t noticed any help in memory or energy though–those are the ones I need help with next!

  3. Sally Martin

    I have not tried any Omega 3’s. but my husband uses it all the time in the form of fish oil. It really helps his dry eye condition. He notices a different when he doesn’t use it for a few days.

  4. Tanya

    Ok, just read the directions, so i am posting again. I have not tried any other oils. I use a lot of organic coconut oil for everything from cooking to facial scrub. If it will increase my energy, that would be wonderful.

  5. Debbie

    Does it really reduce facial wrinkles? That sounds great! 🙂

    I’ve taken other fish oil.

  6. Lisa Beth W.

    Count me in on all of those benefits! PMS reduction, less wrinkles, help for stiff joints…etc.!I have taken other Omega 3s on and off, but not with enough consistency, I’m afraid.

  7. Val

    I used to take fish oil. But when my doctor recommended this krill oil supplement from a natural health doctor, I give it a try. Good thing is that, I’m continuously taking this supplement for more than a year now. It doesn’t have that awful taste that I used to experience when taking fish oil.