Works of God~Share A Blessing

by adustyframe ~ March 26th, 2012

What sort of blessings have you had this week?

1. My neck was acting up last weekend. The pain comes and goes and has for years. It’s nothing new but it wipes me out! I’m thankful for my chiropractor and for Aleve!

2. Lee should be home at the end of this week for a few days. Yeah! We’re thankful for his job.

3. We paid off a couple debts with the tax return. We’re working on paying off others but it’s definitely going to take us awhile! You can imagine that nearly 7 years with no or very little income makes messes. (sigh….). However, with this job, things are looking so much better for us. I’m praying it stays that way!

4. Beautiful sunshine today. I love sunny days.

What about you?


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  1. Robin in New Jersey

    Yes, here it’s two years with little or no income makes BIG messes. Trying to clean-up one of those today. No success. 🙁

    Blessings: just that I know the Lord is in control and he knows the future so I don’t need to fear.

  2. Lisa

    I started blogging about getting out of my financial mess, but it’s such a mess…I’m just chipping away at it each pay check though. Hang in there–I do understand what it’s like.

  3. Ame

    i am so very thankful for a husband who loves me enough to take care of me here lately when i’ve had to face some very difficult personal things. i’m no alone in this world against those whose could-care-a-less-about-me actions affect me deeply – i have a husband who cares and loves me despite all this stuff i have no control over.

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