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by adustyframe ~ April 2nd, 2012


I am thankful for allergy medicine today! I never had allergies until about 4 years ago. I get horrible allergies in the spring when everything is blooming. Around here that’s usually May but this year it’s been warm so my allergies are here early. I buy the generic version and ahhhhhh! Blessed relief!

I am thankful that my son is spending time with dad in the semi this week. Lee was supposed to get home last weekend, but his boss asked him to run an extra load. Lee volunteered to run for 1 more week as long as James could go along. So James is taking spring break and they’re off. It’s a little weird to be “home alone” but it’s nice too.

I was only lazy yesterday. Today, I’m catching up on stuff around the house. Maybe tomorrow I’ll go do something fun for me–not sure what I want to do yet……

What about you? Any blessings to share?


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  1. Judith

    I am thankful for allergy meds, too. My life was totally different before I got my allergies under control.

    My other blessing relates to your quote above by Mueller. I’m guilty of not wanting the trials. But I’m slowly learning to say, “I want YOU, Lord, more than anything else, and if that includes trials, so be it. I want you that much.” Thanks for posting it!

  2. Janet

    Enjoy your time alone, Lizzie!

    I hope you will write a book for public comsumption one day, but you have to do what God wants for you.:)

    I enjoyed the Mueller quote, too. I love his biography. It gives me such hope!

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