Tellin’ The Truth~Wednesday

by adustyframe ~ April 4th, 2012


Instead of Tuesday it’s Wednesday this week and instead of health it’s another topic…..

In October, I posted that I started my book.

Well, I have prayed about it and have NO CLUE how I want to organize it….what I want to call it…..what format I want the finished product to be.

So, I quit!

I didn’t really “quit” because I still pray about it and ask God to give me clarity and so far I’m still befuddled.

I’ve decided for now to wait until I know at the least, how I want it organized. I know that can sound like a cop out but I don’t mean it to be.

In the past, when I have a big project or a difficult blog post to write, things just quickly come together and right now I wonder if I’m pushing too much. I am confident that when God gives me direction I will get it done. For now, I’m seriously wondering if His answer is “wait”.

I was able to have a visit with a dear friend mine yesterday. She asked about the book and I told her these things that I’m sharing with you. She said maybe for now the book is just for us to be able to have closure and maybe the book isn’t for public consumption. She said she’d pray for me.

You can pray too. If God wants it to be used publicly, I know He will give me the words, the organization and the ability to get it done. If not, perhaps it was my own agenda I was pushing or something I thought I had to do.

We shall see….



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  1. Pam

    I have said pretty much since I started reading your blog that your story is a movie. Obviously it could be supported by a book…..I think the producers/writers of Courageous should read your blog from day one…..and they would be begging to make a movie of your compelling story……it would be a huge blessing to Chuck Colson’s prison ministry families……or Focus on the Family prison outreach.
    Kirk Cameron’s production company would be perfect.
    God Bless, Pam , South Bend

  2. Barbara H.

    Would it be a possibility to just write what’s on your heart for now and then organize it? I’ve only written shorter things, not a book, but that’s my usual style — I just get out everything that’s on my mind and heart first, and then in the process see how to organize it, where to go, what I need to add to round it out, etc. If I thought I knew how to organize it starting out, I’d change it a time or two or three before I got done anyway. 🙂

    Of course, it may indeed be that God is saying to just wait for now, or that it’s something not meant to be public. Personally, just from reading your blog it has opened my eyes to more compassion and ways to help or at least pray and be supportive of people in trials in general and your type of trial in particular. I can see how a fuller story would do that for other people, as well as ministering to families with a member in prison.

    But God will show you in His time what He wants you to do.

  3. Judith

    I said to a friend Monday while listening to her stories, “You should write a book!” and she said I was the 6th or 7th person who had said that in the past few days.

    When I told my husband, he said, “She shouldn’t write a book unless God calls her to write a book.”

    God has given your family a unique story … part of His ongoing story of redemption in this world … maybe He will have you write it one day for the public, maybe for your grandchildren, maybe not. His leading will be perfect, and you are a wise woman to wait. It’s not necessarily a cop-out.

    Whether you write it or not, you are still a steward of it, in the way you live it out, in the way you respond to life, the people in your life and the situations in your life, and the way you praise our God day by day.

    You’ve already encouraged so many of us along the way!

  4. Robin in New Jersey

    Hey Lizzie, I would be the same way if I was going to write a book!

    However, one thing I would suggest, is to just write things down as you remember them, or things you don’t want to forget and don’t worry about the order. Then in the future, when the Lord leads, you will at least have notes to go on. I am always surprised when I go back and read my journals, the things I had forgotten and how I felt about them at the time.

    Blessings as you wait on His timing.

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