Back To Work

by adustyframe ~ April 12th, 2012

Lee was home for almost a week.

I like it when he’s home and hate it when he leaves. We talked about finding a trucking job where he can be home more but he said for now this is fine. It’s helping us get our finances back together and is actually a nice job.

He likes his boss. They like him. For the most part, he’s free to do his own thing–no boss standing over him or crazy co-workers to deal with.

He got Sirius radio with some of the tax return. I agreed this was a good expense for him. He was constantly driving out of a radio’s signal and trying to find something to listen to. Now he listens to talk radio ALL DAY! Then he calls me and tells me what he’s listening to.

Last night, he took me out on a date–just him and me. We went out to eat and stopped at a local drive in custard shop. I said, “WOW! This really IS a date!”

He left bright and early this morning and while I hate it when he leaves, it’s good to get back to our routine.



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  1. Catherine

    Even though it is hard to have Lee away so much, there are so many positive things about this job! Nothing worth doing is easy! Hang in there. 🙂

  2. Barbara H.

    Sounds ideal except for being away, but hopefully something more local will work out some time in the future.

    Jim had Sirius for a while and I loved Laugh USA. What few times I ever listened to it it didn’t have anything bad, but I suppose that’s a possibility.

  3. Janet

    I enjoy reading y’all’s updates. Y’all are truly very blessed!:)

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