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by adustyframe ~ April 19th, 2012

I mentioned that we’ve had quite the year this past year. During all the adjusting, I had to adjust school too.

We had to get used to Dad being around more. Dad being around more means way more distractions during our day. James doesn’t do well with distractions.

Yeah that was another thing we fought about (tsking tsking myself!).

I began praying about what to do. I talked with an unschooling mom, and even though ultimately I couldn’t swing from Ambleside to unschooling, I did realize there were lots of things I could relax.

We can take a lot longer to get through books. We can let some things go–Latin is one of those things.

Also, during this time, I began to review for the TOS Crew. It’s been WONDERFUL and weird all at the same time! I’ve had the privilege to review things I’d have never picked up simply because it wasn’t on the Ambleside list. It’s not that I can’t see “outside the box”. It’s just that I agree with and love the Charlotte Mason style of teaching and we’ve seen wonderful results. Also, if we’re going to get through the Ambleside list, there just isn’t time to play around with other things.

However, I AM a homeschool mother and receiving boxes of homeschool stuff is way fun! It’s been good for us to try other things. One thing I discovered is that James actually works really well online. I changed one subject to an online method and he’s doing great. I wouldn’t have known that before.

So, we’re not unschooling and we’re not strictly Ambleside anymore. We’re a lot of, “Mom’s getting the hang of this homeschool thing and realizing she’s the one who makes the call on what we’re studying.” Woo hoo!

I’m still fighting against the “we’re not going to be done with this book by a certain time” feeling, but overall I’m enjoying the changes and since I’m still on the TOS Crew, I imagine we’ll get to try out all kinds of great things in the future too.

I think we’re way behind on nature study. I always struggled with getting that in.

We’ve only done one composer and one artist this year too!

Another good change, is that I’ve given James a lot more of his books to read independently. That frees me up a little bit and helps him learn to manage his work on his own. I write down what he has to accomplish by Friday and he works on it all week.

So, there’s a little rambling post about what we’re doing in school.


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  1. Ame

    i think that no matter how one chooses, or, by default, must, school their children, there comes a time when mom needs to make some adjustments and, well, relax. i think we all start it out a bit intense, and somewhere along the line, we need to make adjustments and relax. good for you cause it’s hard!

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